Seven Surefire Signs That He’s Into You

Seven Surefire Signs That He’s Into You

If you’re really into a guy but unsure if he likes you back, there are several signs he’s into you to look out for. The more signs listed below that he shows, the more likely that it is he has a crush back on you. Read on all the way to sign #1 which is the top of the signs he’s into you to look out for.

The countdown in reverse order of signs he’s into you is as follows:

7. Check his body language

Body language, while hard to interpret, can be very significant if read correctly because it’s done instinctively. While a person can easily say one thing, it’s very hard to control your body and the signals it sends.. a lot of times it just happens subconsciously without you even realizing.

Some body language signs to look for as signs he’s into you, is to check whether he mirrors your movements. You should also see whether his body is pointed towards your direction or leaning into you. These are signs he’s into you. On the other hand if he leans away from you when talking, it’s probably a signal that he doesn’t like you as more than a friend. Also, if his feet are pointed away or towards the door, that means he’s looking for the first opportunity to high tail it away from you.

6. Does he seem happy when he sees you?

This signal alone is not enough as one of the signs he’s into you. Many women mistakenly think that if a guy seems genuinely happy to see them, that he likes them, when he reality he may just be a very friendly person or might be excited to see you but just as a friend.

5. Does he flirt only with you?

If you see him making eye contact with you, having a hazy/cloudy look, and smiling at you, this can be a sign he’s into you. Again, don’t take this alone as a signal as he could just be very friendly.

4. His reaction when you flirt?

Flirt with him and see how he reacts. If he appears to be responsive, take it as a sign that he likes you and wants to be more than just friends. If he doesn’t, it’s possible that he isn’t correctly reading your signs or that he doesn’t want anything more than just a friendship.

3. Does he try to make you happy?

Does he get you gifts or take you out to places he knows you like. This is a signal that he actually listens to what you have to say, in which case there’s a very good chance that he really likes you.

2. Has he asked for your digits?

If he has asked for your number, it means that he at least thinks you’re cute, though of course it’s possible that he’s only looking for a hook up. If he actually makes an attempt to call you and speak with you on the phone, as opposed to just texting, then it probably means that he does have some feelings for you and likes you.

1. Has he asked you out?

Duh! This is the top for signs he’s into you. There can be no better signal than if a guy has asked you out on a date. Guys don’t ask girls out on a date just for a booty call. Take this as a great sign that he’s into you and that he actually has feelings for you.

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