Increase Your Attraction Quotient By Playing Hard to Get With Guys

Increase Your Attraction Quotient By Playing Hard to Get With Guys

Have you been looking for answers to questions like how to make your man truly desire you? Or how can your make your cute lab partner your Friday night date or better still how to keep the flame burning alive between you and your partner? Well one staple answer to all these questions is “play hard to get with guys”. Do you remember that forbidden goods are always more tempting. So even though it may seem really silly to pretend that you are not interested in something which you heart desires, sometimes it is the perfect bet to understand the true intentions of your partner when you are dating.

Sometimes if you don’t play hard to get, guys may read it as you being too desperate or needy and would be more than willing to take advantage of this situation. On the other hand if you take your play hard to get too far you may appear to be cold and standoffish. Therefore a good balancing act is required when you play hard to act if you want to really win the heart of your partner you met at adultfrinendfinder. To help you with this risk taking game of ‘play hard to get’ which requires a lot of guesswork here is some help at hand:

  • Flirt with him openly and also laugh at all his jokes to show that you enjoy his company but yes also flirt a little with other guys in his company to make him feel jealous. You can even casually touch other guys and seem attentive to their conversation but it is better to flirt less with other guys to avoid sending him totally wrong signals.
  • Never be too prompt or over excited to answer all his questions. Rather count till 3 in your head before you answer any of his questions. This will also give you sufficient time to control you heart beats and prepare a sensible and witty answer. However don’t be too slow or late in providing him the answer as it will suggest that you are ignoring him or are not interested in talking to him.
  • If you too have already exchanged numbers even though your heart screams yes, never make the first call. Also when he calls you take you time to pick up his call and control your pounding heartbeats and talk casually. If you see his message on your answering machine or a missed call on your mobile don’t be too prompt in calling him back. It is advisable to call your guy after a day which will sufficiently pique up his interest. However don’t delay too much in replying back to his SMS.
  • When he asks you out for a date instead of saying a jubilant ’Yes’ your answer should be a ‘maybe’ to keep him in guessing mode. Initially prefer going out on group dates to give him confused signals. When out together avoid staring at him with that lovelorn look but keep the things casual.

The trick is to control your desperation and desire and make your men come to you and express his interest. When you know that the cupid has struck both the sides you can go ahead and express your true feelings.

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