Is Going To The Bar or Club to Meet Women Worth the Cost?

Is Going To The Bar or Club to Meet Women Worth the Cost?

Do you base your success with attracting women mainly on how well you do at bars or clubs?

While the ability to pickup women in bars or clubs can be considered an aspect of successfully attracting women, it in no way proves if you are a success attracting women.

If you are not comfortable around a whole bunch of incoherent drunks there is need to test you skills at a bar.

When you are first learning how to attract women many times it is necessary for you to be uncomfortable doing some things so that you can become comfortable doing them.

The benefits of doing that being in an uncomfortable state your ability to attract women is difficult and in a comfortable state it is very easy.

Now, when you go to a club or bar if you are not comfortable in crowded places, with loud music and lots of drunken people you can have a difficult time attracting women that have nothing to do with your abilities to approach and attract women.

What’s more the benefits of becoming comfortable in that kind of environment are not worth the cost for many men in regards to time and energy spent.

Of course there is also the guy who is comfortable with the atmosphere of a bar or club and easily picks up women and gets phone numbers in that type of environment.

However once out of the club atmosphere becomes uncomfortable with women and no longer can maintain the attraction because he actually doesn’t know how to attract women.

If given a choice, most men would want to be the guy who knows how to attract women on adultfrinendfinder and has no success in bars and clubs because he isn’t comfortable in that type of atmosphere and chooses not to go there.

Bars and clubs are great places to meet lots of women IF you are comfortable with that type of environment.

If not you should consider practicing your skills somewhere else since not doing so might cause you to judge your success on attracting women with your ability or lack thereof of getting comfortable in a bar or club

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