Jewish Dating in the 21st Century

Jewish Dating in the 21st Century

If you want my opinion, religious orientated dating sites should be banned from the internet. If you have preferences, stick them in your profile, but let’s not induce more segregation and prejudice in the world than there already is, and having sites which cater specifically for Jewish Dating, is doing just that! Ok, rant over, let’s now continue with the unbiased article submitted from a site regular. 

The Jewish Dating Singles Services have boomed in recent years just as many other faith-orientated matchmaker websites and online dating portals have also grown in popularity and numbers. Since around 1997, the Jewish online dating services have provided Jewish singles a safe and extremely convenient way of meeting other Jews for friendship, dating, romance and marriage.

It wasn’t so long ago that these new Jewish dating services were considered taboo and out of bounds to young Jews looking for love and companionship, but even the elders of the families have now realized that there is very little they can do to stop this somewhat unconventional way of meeting potential partners. The Jewish dating service of yesteryear was more to do with families arranging to meet with other families for dinner parties in the hope that their offspring would take a shine to whomever it was they were being informally introduced to.

Jewish Speed Dating for Folks in a Hurry!

There used to be a misconception that speed-dating was for lustful and hungry singles who wanted to meet other like minded individuals for quick flings and nights of passion. Actually, the idea behind speed dating is to not waste time going on endless dates before finding your perfect match. Lot’s of quick and timed introductions with other singles in one sitting will surely leave you with a short list at the end of it all. ”Jewish Speed Dating’ was invented by a Jewish man involved in the singles game called Rabbi Yaacov Deyo, and it’s been a big hit with Jewish lonely hearts ever since.

Just like the Jewish online dating sites, speed dating was still frowned upon by some, but was tolerated because it would guarantee the introduction of Jews with Jews. The same guarantee cannot be had 100% with a Jewish dating web site or any of the broader matchmaking services online. Even though a Jewish dating site should be a meeting place for Jews to meet other like minded Jews, there are no guarantees on the internet, and that is a concern for many parents.

Jewish Personals, Dating, and Weddings

Probably the biggest and most successful Jewish on line dating site at the time of writing is JDate. JDate claims to have in the region of 600,000 active members across the world. However, it’s very possible to meet non-Jews on this site, much to the anguish of parents and grandparents. But even for many Jews, and particularly Jewish women, the sheer vastness of this site is somewhat overwhelming, so lots of lonely hearts opt for the smaller more niche-orientated online dating services. – Christian dating, Christian singles – An exciting new Christian dating and personals site for single Christian seeking love and dating.

Without any question of doubt, younger generations from all faiths, are far more open to meeting like minded individuals through internet dating sites and other less conventional channels such as the speed dating setups. The bottom line is this; Jewish singles are broadening the search for love and companionship and taking the matchmaking matters into their own hands these days. The mission for the boys is finding that perfect Jewish girl and visa versa, so that they can someday have that perfect Jewish wedding with the approval or their parents and immediate family.


It doesn’t really matter how young Jewish singles meet their ideal partner, so long as they do. The Jewish online dating sites and Jewish speed dating parties are not methods which are simply used to replace the more conventional and favored introductions by parents and grandparents, they are used in conjunction with them in an attempt to widen their options. The bigger your social circle, the more chances and choices you have of meeting your perfect Jewish match, and at the end of the day, ‘marital bliss’ is all that anyone could ask for.

Are Jewish Dating Services Strictly for Jews?
We’re seeing more and more interreligious and cross cultural relationships, but these types are relationships are not easy due to obvious reasons. Generally speaking, Jewish singles looking online for a soul mate usually means they are looking for other like minded Jews. This is a strict faith with strong and ancient traditions and so it’s important that their search brings them in touch with a mate who shares the same religious customs and practices. The online Jewish Dating sites simply allow Jewish singles to be more selective in choosing a partner.
Hot Dating Tips – Who Needs them?
Who needs hot dating tips? Well, believe it or not, even the most confident of us can bodge up a first date by inappropriate behavior, so the answer is everyone could use a little advice from the professionals when it comes to that first date. Remember singles, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, but don’t worry. Just about every Jewish dating website has a tips and information page on how to make that first encounter very special without going ever the top.

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