Just ask her…

Just ask her…

Ever wonder what a woman would think if you told her you studied
how to meet and attract women?

What if you told her you took a workshop from a company called
PickUp 101, what would happen then?

Would she run for the exit and burn your phone number when she
got home?

Would she slap you and get mad at you for being some kind of
creepy guy who manipulates women?


Would she have a positive reaction?

Guys have spent endless hours debating this question on Internet
forums, but the only real way to find out is to hear it from

Especially cute intelligent women, the kind you would want to

Well today I’ve got something special to show you. It’s a video
clip of some of the attendees of my recent Physical Confidence

What you’re really going to enjoy about this clip, is there are
two women in it who tell you what they really think about PickUp

And there’s another killer little bonus in this video, but I’ll
get to that in a minute.

First, let me explain what I mean when I say Physical Confidence?

The short answer is physical confidence is what you radiate when
you have confident body language.

The longer answer is that Physical Confidence is a system to
teach you how to get the rock-solid confidence women find
irresistibly attractive

It’s composed of 3 key components:

* Confident Body Language

* How you physically touch women so they instantly know you are a
man who understands women.

* How to read a woman’s body language so you know exactly what
she’s really thinking.

All physical, and all the behaviors of a confident man.

Like I said before and you’ll hear me say again and again. If
your body language screams out “I’m not confident” you’ll never
get a woman you met on adultfrienedfinder app attracted to you.

Now, here’s the little ‘bonus’ in the video I’m going to have you
look at…

There’s a couple clips of hidden camera pickup for you, showing a
before and after of one of the men who attend the Physical
Confidence workshop.

Pay attention to his body language with the woman who hands him
her number. See if you can pick out the differences between that
one, and the pickup where the girl blows him off. Ouch!

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