Ice Breakers to Meet Women

Ice Breakers to Meet Women

First Impressions – Body Language

No matter what words you choose to say, if your body language says ‘I’m bored’, ‘it’s all about me’ or any other negative, self-serving emotion, you’ll strike out in making a great first impression.

  • It takes little effort but can bring the biggest results – A SMILE!
  • Be courteous and attentive
  • Dress for the occasion. A clean, put-together appearance is a turn-on.
  • Make a lot of eye contact.
  • Be positive, open and confident

Choose your opening line carefully.

The best ice breakers are usually the simplest and personalized. Avoid using a standard line like the rest of the guys; it shows a lack of effort and imagination. Everyone loves to be noticed. Pay close attention to details, such as the color of her blouse, and compliment her on it. Choose an ice breaker or opening line that includes a keen observation. It will go a long way in making a great first impression.

Using an immediate pet name can bring a smile or frown, depending on the intention of the nickname you choose. Making any sexual reference is definitely a no no! Many women may laugh but more out of nervousness than any attraction to the man making the comment. Keep it friendly. “Hey, Baby” is condescending but “How’s it going beautiful?” is sweetly complimentary.

Personal experiences are great ice breakers but keep it short and open ended to encourage a response. “I heard this great song on the radio today but I didn’t hear the artist’s name. Perhaps you know it.” Share the lyrics and see where it goes. Ask questions that require more than a yes or no answer.

  • Do you know anyone born on February 29?
  • Have you ever had a dog named Spot, Midnight, Lucky, or Shadow?
  • Have you ever won a prize?
  • Which do you prefer – winter or summer?

Be your unique self!

Women can spot a fake a mile away. You have characteristics that make you one-of-a-kind and women love that. Embrace your individuality and let it shine. Your great qualities will show through when you relax and can be yourself. The old saying “Actions speak louder than words.” fits perfectly when meeting women.

But be careful not to make yourself the focus of your conversation. Bragging on adultfrienedfinder app ios will get you nowhere. Women are not impressed with what you own, how smart you are or all of your world adventures. They’re interested in someone who is confident, genuine, funny and able to put the focus on others.

Any questionable gesture or inuendo could embarrass or be misconstrued as an inappropriate invitation. If a woman is uncomfortable with you in public, your chances of having time alone are pretty limited.

A confident man is an attractive man. Work to calm your jittery nerves, remembering it’s the difference between a 50% chance of meeting your soul mate or 100% change of missing out because you lose the nerve to approach.

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