Learn the Art of Seduction

Learn the Art of Seduction

To Ensure That You Will Need a Condom Tonight

You’ve been thinking about this evening for quite a while and you’ve come up with some creative, romantic ideas to set the stage for an evening she will remember for a long, long time. Let’s make sure you have everything you need for not only memories but also for a long night of great sex.

You haven’t known each other long, but she’s really hot.Just as your doorbell rings, you’ve finished your preparations to get to know the girl you met with adultfrienedfinder app a whole lot better. You already have the wine poured, and as she steps through your door she smiles at the flickering candlelight and the perfect music you have playing in the background. But, she seems a little surprised that you are dressed so well since you told her it was going to be a very casual meal. You asked her to dress comfortably. You smile and tell her she’s dressed perfectly.

You guide her to stand next to a chair or sofa, and she smiles brightly when you tell her you have a surprise for her before dinner. Your surprise is something she least expects, a dress you’ve picked out especially for her, reflecting your taste, judgment and insight into her personality. The evening is less than five minutes old and she’s already impressed with your style and thinking she might like to start with dessert! You don’t bother to let her know how easy it was to get a great price and a stylish selection online at Hollywood Exoticwear. You didn’t need to find a parking space, fight the crowds or talk to the sales staff in the women’s clothing store, but that’s a little detail that can remain your secret.

If you’ve already gained her trust, and she enjoys the unexpected, instead of just giving her the dress and asking her to put it on, you gently put a blindfold on her, and then begin to undress her. She giggles a little, holds onto the chair to keep her balance, and maybe even asks if the two of you are alone. She’s impressed with your boldness, and definitely getting hungry for dessert. Once she is completely nude, you resist the temptation to touch, and just help her put on the dress she still hasn’t seen, still blindfolded, and without bothering with the unnecessary encumbrance of underwear.

Once she’s had a chance to admire how she looks, you invite her to dine with you. Of course you’ve already prepared a tasty meal designed to help set just the right seductive tone. She’s amazed at your skill as a chef. You ask her questions and listen to her and she doesn’t even notice that the two of you are mostly talking about what she is interested in.

Dinner is over, the mood is very relaxed, and you surprise her yet again with an invitation to dance. Little does she know that you’ve taken care to pick out just the right music for her seduction. As you dance, you notice how her new dress compliments her curves and the grace of her movements, especially without a bra or even a thong. You caress her hair, kiss her gently and tell her how beautiful she is as your hands become more bold in their exploration.

Soon you guide your soon-to-be lover to her next surprise, a specially designed, and very comfortable little item that’s a cross between a cushion and a stool. It tilts, tips, dips and flips and is called the Liberator Scoop . It’s a wild shape and a very supportive shape all rolled into one. On one side you have a rocking platform for anything-goes sex. It adds motion to the mix, making erotic encounters anything but predictable. Then there’s the sensitive side of the Scoop, a comfortable, graceful curve that supports the spine for slow, tender sex.

If you need a creativity boost before you dance your lovely partner into bliss, before the candles are lit, spend a little time with the best advice on great sex ever written, straight from the wisdom of the East, The Pocket Kama Sutra.

Now, you really need a good supply of condoms. It’s up to you to continue the plot of this story’with yourself as the hero. To make sure the plot of your own special story gets more and more interesting, be sure to try a variety of both condoms and flavored lubricants, such as Kama Sutra Weekender Kit Strawberry Lubricant . The only limit is your imagination.

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