Ultimate Sex Guide

Ultimate Sex Guide

The main areas that we cover in the workshop are listed below:

1. Introduction to Sexual Mastery
We go through the goals, what we are trying to achieve, customising the content to each student.

2. Sexual Psychology
In this section you will learn about the sexual needs of men and women. You will be taught to understand the emotional sexual needs of women, what women unconsciously respond to and are aroused by. You will also learn how to engineer the sort of sex life you want to live; relationship management; how to make women happy acting out your fantasies and how to make your fantasies become her fantasies and much more.

3. Advanced Sexual Psychology
Learn the secret domination method.

4. Sex Aids
Learn about condoms, lubricants and sex toys such as best thrusting vibrator. The good ones, the bad ones, the best ones and much more.

5. The Human Body
Body, fitness, looks and their role. Sexual anatomy, the effects of penis size, penis enlargement and so on.

6. Mastering Sexual Performance
Learn how to get an erection when you want, maintain an erection for as long you desire, control your orgasm indefinitely, while at the same time enjoying everything about sex worry free.

7. Sexual Techniques
A huge section on the physical techniques involved in love making and orgasm. Everything from our oral sex tutorial to erogenous zones. From clitoral stimulation to G spot stimulation; from internal orgasms to external orgasms and how they apply to different women.


8. Advanced Sexual Techniques
Learn a more advanced sex technique. Find out how to anchor emotions to sexual pleasure, female Skene’s gland orgasms, anal orgasms, subspace and more that you can practice then on adultfriendrfinder.

9. Live Demo
In his section we show you the techniques live on a female model so you can see in detail how the techniques you are learning are applied. Oral sex manual, female ejaculation, achieving different female orgasms, intensifying and lengthening orgasms and much more.

10. Specialist Topics
Given time and interest we also cover some more special interest sexual topics. Threesomes, swinging, escorting and more.

For more details on the content of each section you can check out the live sex workshop link above.

SEX TIP: Looking for an anal guide sex?

On side note I know a lot of people are looking for tips for anal sex and stumble on this website from searching. We have some great sex guides in audio format here you can download. Check out the audio sex course link. Here you will find an anal sex tutorial in three parts. You will learn how to make women love it, the best ways to do it, best sex positions, sexual techniques, what you shouldn’t do and how to ultimately give women anal orgasms. The process we go through is the same process I have gone through with hundreds of women and many one time anal virgins. This is a very comprehensive explanation covering most topics related to anal sex.

SEX TIP: Looking for information on the best sex position or position sex?

On another side note if you are looking for a sex positions guide, guide sex positions or manual sex positions check out the article link called positions sex.

SEX TIP: Looking for sex guides videos?

If you are here looking for adult movies then you’re not in the right place. We are a sex education site only. A site where you can learn how to achieve sexual self improvement. What we do have are videos from our workshop showing examples of what happens in a workshop. If you check out the free stuff link you will find a manual sex video and better sex video. There are also lots of movies in the blog.

If you have any further questions related to the “Sexual Master for Men” workshops or sex guide then please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or the contact us form. See the contact us link for more details.

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