Privacy is key to online dating

Privacy is key to online dating

New to the online dating scene? Worried about compromising your privacy? You’ll be happy to know you’re not alone. Users new to the world of online dating report fear of exposure as one of their number one concerns with using the internet. Fortunately for you there are quality providers who recognize your very valid concerns and have taken broad steps to ensure their services respect your anonymity.

Protecting your privacy is a key benefit of meeting your match at—the web’s largest online community for eligible, single adults.

How to protect your privacy?

Anonymity.’s double-blind email system protects your privacy, allowing you to remain anonymous just like on adultfrienedfinder— even after making contact — until you decide you’ve met your match!


Your username is a unique word or phrase that you select; maybe it describes your personality or what you’re looking for in a match. Unlike screen names used on other systems, your username does not correspond in any way to your email address—ensuring that your anonymity is protected until you decide to reveal it.


Multiple blocking options allow you to prevent a member’s profile from appearing in your search and match results. You also can block a member from sending you anonymous email.

TRUSTe certification. is a proud member of the TRUSTe trustmark program. The trustmark is awarded only to sites that adhere to established privacy principles and agree to comply with ongoing TRUSTe oversight and consumer resolution procedures. Privacy principles embody fair information practices approved by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Federal Trade Commission and prominent industry-represented organizations and associations.

BBB Online Reliability. 

It’s often difficult to determine the reliability of certain websites and online services. The Reliability Seal distinguishes as a reputable service that promotes your trust and confidence. Secure in the knowledge that holds your privacy as one of our dearest priorities, what are you waiting for

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