Online Dating Etiquette

Online Dating Etiquette

First, what is etiquette? (We’ll talk about dating manners shortly). Simply put, it’s a pre-defined collection of policies, rules, or customs that suggest or advise the minimum acceptable level or best form of behaviour in particular social groups, gatherings, situations or events.

An example of social manners suggests that men shouldn’t sit down while women are standing. Another example is diplomatic procedure, which does not allow calling for the death of a national leader even if he’s a tyrant, despot, or severe dictator.

Online dating etiquette is about the acceptable level of behaviour when communicating to members of dating sites.

But, overall, it’s simply about good manners and nothing more. The Internet allows anyone to be virtually anonymous, and it’s easy to join a dating site and email members without even any level of decorum. That’s why most sites offer a blocking facility, so any member can block any other member from sending them messages. In fact, some blocking facilities completely remove a member from the database as far as the blocked member is concerned so they cannot be seen at all!

Remember, online dating etiquette is simply about good manners and nothing more really. There’s no special way to behave, or words to uses! The best possible advice is simply be polite and friendly! Here’s some simple tips:

  • Have fun!
  • Don’t worry about being overly polite
  • If you like a member of a adultfrienedfinder app dating site, tease him or her a little – it’s fun!
  • If you don’t like a particular person or they are being aggressive, overly sexual, report and block them!
  • Generally, guys should refrain from mentioning innuendos – they send the wrong signals
  • There is nothing wrong with girls initiating conversations with guys they like – it’s normal online
  • Get to know a person first before arranging to meet them
  • I would speak to a member on the phone several times before arranging a date
  • Online dating is, overall, very safe and secure!

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