When She Wants To Start Seeing Other People

When She Wants To Start Seeing Other People

Hi Stephane,

I have been with my girlfriend for nearly 2 years now.. things have been great until a few months ago where
some “fights” arose. One thing that came up was that she wanted to “try” other people… But she also wanted to keep our relationship.

Ok she is young, 18. To me this was ludicrous… but I do understand with her being young and not had any real sexual experience besides myself… But still this is the thorn in our relationship.

Any of your insight would be great thanks,



When a woman loves you, but also feels the need to “shop around”, no matter what her age is, you can’t
help but wonder, “Am I not enough?”

Let’s pretend for a moment that you are the Master Creator of your own reality, and that EVERYTHING IN LIFE is your sole responsibility.

Including this.

So how did you CREATE this reality for yourself?

How is her desire to “shop around” actually YOUR creation?

…I’d like to introduce a concept that I call, “Other Men Are Like Rubber”.

Now, most people confuse Love with Neediness.

And I’m sure you’ve heard of the following old saying –

“If you truly love someone, set them free… If they come back, they are yours truly.”

Let’s take this a step further. Your girlfriend wants to “date” other men on adultfrinendfinder.com login. Maybe this is true, or maybe it’s JUST A TEST.

Women love to feel that their man is a “man on a mission”. In other words, they love to feel that our mission in life has more pull than even THEY DO.

This turns women on immensely.

On the other hand, NEEDINESS or “Co-dependency” is a huge turn-off.

When a woman says, “I love you very much, but I’m young and I need to see other men”, DO NOT take it at face value.

Women are not like men. Their “word” is NOT their bond. When women say things, it’s usually just a reflection of how they are FEELING in THIS MOMENT in time.

In five minutes from now, her entire belief system and values can easily do a 180-degree turn…

You’ve all seen women change their “opinion” in a nanosecond.

Feminine women use their FEELINGS more than they use their LOGIC. For this reason, don’t take the things that they say at FACE VALUE. Nothing is written in stone, and as I’ve said before, “All plans with women shall be considered TENTATIVE PLANS.”

So when your girlfriend says, “I want to start seeing other men”, what she is REALLY saying is, “In this precise moment in time, I’m scared that you are not Yang (masculine) enough to handle me. You’re too needy, and it’s turning me off. I really want to feel more HEART from you, and less mind-control. I really hope that saying I want other men will wake you up.”

In that moment, you need to display COMPLETE NON-NEEDINESS, otherwise you’ll “fail the test”.

Next time a woman tests you like this, you need to PRESCRIBE THE SYMPTOM.

She supposedly wants other men?

Fine. What would a Compassionate, Non-needy Yang Man who Loves Unconditionally and Honors the paths that people choose for themselves do?

For example –

Woman: “I feel the need to see other men.”

Stephane: (No resistance) “I understand.”

Woman: (Already feeling my strength) “But doesn’t that upset you?”

Stephane: (Deliberately not answering) “I want you to be happy. I don’t want to own you. If you need to go off on your own path right now, I will honor that.”

Woman: (Getting emotional) “I love you, it’s just… I don’t know. I just…”

Stephane: (Now taking it a step further and prescribing the symptom) “My love for you is UNCONDITIONAL. If you want to see other guys, I know plenty of guys that I can introduce you to.”

Woman: “But I don’t WANT other guys, I LOVE YOU STEPHANE!!!”


>Other men are like rubber. If you push your woman onto them, she will BOUNCE off of them and back into your arms.

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