Save Some For The Next Date

Save Some For The Next Date

Here’s a “rookie mistake” that I see the beginners on my list make all the time:

They use my rapport techniques to build a very strong rapport with a woman, have a six-hour DEEP conversation on a first date with the conversation techniques they have learned… and then they RUN OUT OF THINGS TO SAY ON THE SECOND DATE!

Here’s what will happen if you “use up everything on a first date”:

Things will start going downhill after the second date!

If you talk too much on the first date, then naturally you will run out of things to say on the subsequent dates.
And because the energy on the first date was so good, having an “average” date for your second date will actually make it seen like a “bad” or “awkward” date by comparison.

Here’s my advice: Always leave some ammo on your belt.
Don’t use up everything on the first adultfrienedfinder date.
You want to keep some for the future.

Remember the VERY SIMPLE smart dating rule: End dates early and keep being a bit of a mystery.

This will help you make your subsequent dates as good as the first one!

World’s Worst Choice of Lover 

 couldn’t resist starting off the Library’s “How to Find the Right Person” Section with the following letter. I’m still shaking my head over this one…

Dear Dr. Tracy

One night I was messing around with my daughter’s boyfriend and he was picking on me and all at once, I kissed him and he let me. Nothing else happened until the following week when we made love.

I like him a lot but he’s my daughter’s. My daughter’s 16 and he’s 24. He was married before he met my daughter. His wife won’t give him a divorce. Right now he’s not working and trying to get SSD because of his drinking. He’s also living with us.

I know I’m 14 years older than him, but I can’t help myself, it just happened. The last time we were alone together I said, “I love you.” I told him to say those words back to me and he did.

I told my daughter what happened, but when she asked him, he denied it. My daughter says I’m sick. I’m not, I just like him a lot. Please help me. What should I do?

Dear Mom,

You’re not sick, but you’re old enough to know better than to carry on like this. You’re in a major metropolitan area, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of men. Surely you can find one who isn’t married, isn’t an alchoholic, has a job and doesn’t already belong to your daughter.

Let your daughter be upset with you for bouncing this turkey, not screwing him. In addition to being married, unemployed, and a drunk, he’s too old for your daughter, he’s cheating on her with you, and he’s sure not worth the pain he’s bringing into your lives.

With nothing to do all day but cause trouble, that’s exactly what this guy will continue to do as long as he’s hanging around the house, and you and your daughter will both suffer.

However, he didn’t cause the current crisis. You did. You seduced him, plain and simple. Now it’s up to you to accept the blame and take steps to resolve the problem. Be a good Mom and think of your daughter, not him. Plead temporary insanity or whatever it takes to apologize to her for fooling around with him, promise her you’ll never, ever do anything like this again, but that given the situation, he’s got to go.

Then tell him to find another place to live. Your daughter may be very unhappy, but you’ll be doing her a favor in the long run. Some day, she’ll thank you for getting this jerk out of your lives.

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