I can’t get dates and when I have a date it usually works out pretty well

I can’t get dates and when I have a date it usually works out pretty well

Andy: What’s the next step?

Lance: Well, you know the thing I want to say about dating is that most guys I talk to, a lot of guys that I talk to don’t think dating is a problem. I mean you’re looking at me kind of, I mean some guys will say I need to have a game plan. But other guys will come to me and say I can’t get dates and when I have a date it usually works out pretty well.

Those guy’s stories, you know when guys are not very good at meeting women, they not very good at meeting women during the day, they kind of meet women that are kind of, women that don’t have a lot of dates and when you’re with a woman that doesn’t have a lot of dates there’s a really good chance the dates going to go well.

Andy: Right.

Lance: I think you looked at me funny because you’ve been around a lot of guys who aren’t good at meeting women.

Andy: Right.

Lance: And when you get really good and you’ll get really good quickly, you know if you use DayGame and you really master the connection you’ll have a lot of dates relay quickly and you’ll actually be dating women. Some women that don’t date very much, but you’ll start dating really high quality women that even though they don’t go out much and they don’t meet a ton of guys the guys they do meet are really high caliber and they don’t hesitate to ask them out.

So, these women might be going on a lot of dates on adultfrinendfinder. So, you’ve got to really nail your date down. The thing I want to say is that if you mess up on a date, is especially a big deal in my mind. I used to get upset when I messed up a date because if I messed up when I approached a woman its like well I wasted 20 seconds. They’ll be another woman, you know, if I messed up with a woman that I met while I was going to lunch maybe I’ll succeed with the woman I meet when I’m going back to work from lunch, you know.

Andy: Yeah.

Lance: There’s another chance or if I mess up in a ten minute conversation then its like, “oh well, ok, I lost ten minutes. I learned something” and that’s fine, but if I mess up during the date, you know, there’s an hour of my life gone, an hour I could have been out, I could have met ten other women.

I could have set up two other dates in that hour if I kind of divided it out in terms of talking to women so I really hate screwing up a date. I really have perfected what a really simple date is and I think what a date does is it really intensifies your ability to make a connection.

Andy: Yeah, you know when I first saw your, the way you go on dates it just blew my mind because I was able to think, ok, I’ve got this amount of time. This is where I want to get to by the end of it. This is what I want; this is the type of connection that I want to create between the two of us. This is the type of emotional connection that we’ve got.

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