Sending Flowers to Your Loved Ones

Sending Flowers to Your Loved Ones

Perhaps it is because I’m a female, but flowers can brighten my day. Flowers always make me smile. I love receive them and I love sending flowers to my loved ones. I have friends that have found themselves scattering all over the country as life moves forward. We all manage to stay in touch but rarely are able to get together. I try to remember all of their birthdays and anniversaries but that becomes easier said than done.

I have heard so many people say that sending flowers is just such a waste. I can see their point, but I completely disagree. Sure, flowers don’t last forever. Some of them don’t even last a week. That doesn’t mean that the recipient can’t dry them, take pictures of them for sentimental reasons, or won’t appreciate them. Sending flowers isn’t just about giving something beautiful to someone special, it is to show how much you do care.

If a friend or family member is having a difficult time, sending flowers lets them know that they are being thought about and will most likely bring a smile to their face every time they glance at the blooms. Sending flowers for certain events has become a tradition and expectation. If someone has passed away, it is anticipated that many people will be sending flowers. When someone is ill, having surgery or in the hospital, flowers are sent. Anniversaries and birthdays are also famous for receiving and sending flowers.

I have discovered that sometimes it’s even more meaningful and fun to send flowers to someone for a variety of different reasons, out of the clear blue. I’ve sent flowers “just because”, for a new job, a new house, loss of a pet, and for silly reasons like trying to get a date on adultfrienedfinder app login. If you take time out of your day to think about someone and smile sending flowers to let them know that, would be more appreciated than what you can imagine. Try it.

Sometimes, I even send them to myself. Yes, I have been known to see a gorgeous arrangement advertised somewhere and not been able to refrain from sending flowers to myself just to have them for my desk or living room. It can be fun to let my coworkers think that I have a secret admirer, especially since they all know that my husband is not the sending flowers kind of husband.

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