The Experimental Mind

The Experimental Mind

Meeting and seducing women is a glorious EXPERIMENT.

And the guys that succeed best are the guys who have the Experimental Mind.

To be successful with women, you should have your mind in a learning mode.

Even if you totally bomb out with a particular woman, it is not a failure. Rather, it was a grand experiment that didn’t end the way you wanted it to. But it is still a LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Take what you learned about the experience and use it to YOUR advantage for next time. No harm, no foul- a big experiment, that’s all.

You have to be OPEN to feedback from your experiments. Both the successes and “failures” — and there are no failures– will teach you what works and what doesn’t work.


I have a buddy who used to have mojo and chicks falling all over him on adultfrienedfinder. Well, the years passed on, he lost the mojo, and life left him behind. His great retirement plan now is to… win the lottery!

Yup, it IS as absurd as it sounds… but put your opinions of mastering the art of scoring the hot chick under that same template. Will YOU live life WAITING for some miracle to happen?

Or will you CHASE that dream up and down until it HAPPENS for you?

MOST guys are going to sit around and wait for the “mojo fairy” to knock on their door and anoint them with some funky chick-magnet Austin Powers powers.

You, though, are NOT most guys… you have tools and techniques that when practiced with dedication and an experimental playfulness, WILL get you the honey next door and the playmate in your playground.

I have another friend who wants to race dirt bikes. For the last six years, he’s been telling me he will race when he feels he’s good enough to race- in spite of the fact that he practices with a top five racer.

What in the hell is he waiting for… an invitation?!!! But my friend is not alone- there are thousands of people who WANT good things, PRETTY things in their lives, want things for themselves, and yet make no forward moves to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Wanting to become a racer won’t make you a racer, RACING will. NO ONE wins their first race out… but WINNERS all have to start somewhere.

NO ONE is a Casanova right off the bat… but even Casanova started some place too.

And START you must- right here, RIGHT now.

But knowledge alone is not enough. You must put that knowledge to use and put it to the test.

You have to bounce back from unsuccessful attempts to receive the benefits of the practice you put in. By CONSISTENT forward ACTION, you will break down your own limitations and barriers and soon after, be breaking her furniture apart with YOUR MOJO.

Because if you don’t have an attitude of EXPERIMENTATION, you will invariably hit a wall, and sooner rather than later!

Many a pro sporting team have been stuck behind in the game but by taking everything into consideration and getting BACK INTO THE GAME, have rallied back to win and win by bigger margins than they were losing by.

Whether on the field of battle or scoping the field at the local bar, real WINNERS don’t think in terms of “win or lose,” but rather in terms of LEARN and LEARN MORE.

I have another friend who quit a good paying police force job to pursue his dream of being a Hollywood movie producer. He made a ton of mistakes on the way and while the going is sometimes slow, major players in the movie business know who he is now.

He didn’t wait for someone to make it happen for him, he set about to MAKE it happen.

You too have to STUDY SUCCESS. You too can become success’ student by constantly testing, experimenting, and having the Experimental Mind.

That’s exactly the point I emphasize in Seduction Science my book on opening and meeting girls in any situation, anytime, anywhere, with a cool, relaxed, playful confidence. Seduction Science takes that attitude of the Experimental Mind, and shows you exactly WHAT TO SAY to meet a beautiful woman. Seduction Science, used with the right mindset, makes for a killer combination- click here to learn more about it.

Sexy, gorgeous women are all around you, every day, everywhere. Practice, practice and more practice- and you WILL become a SUCCESS too.

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