Seduce Faster with Visual Rehearsal

Seduce Faster with Visual Rehearsal

Too many guys attempt to learn seduction from the comfort of their chairs.

The fact is you need to go out into the field and get real, actual practice to improve. Only through real practice can you learn the nuances of seduction and really internalize the new behaviors.

Without practice, you may “know” a lot of book theory, but you won’t have the muscle memory of how to act. You won’t know how to bring the right piece of knowledge in at the right moment for example on adultfrienedfinder. You won’t know how to your theoretical map onto real world situations.

It would be like reading every book on basketball ever written, and then going onto the field having never actually practiced. You’re not going to win any games.

Your brain can only keep track of one or two new things at once. Without practice, in real world situations your brain will be overloaded with knowledge and options that you haven’t internalized yet. You’ll have trouble recalling what you’re supposed to do and say – under the situation of the moment, all of your reading knowledge will leave you.

Only through practice can you really internalize the principles to the point where you don’t have to think about them – you just DO them.

Now, you don’t have to rely on field experience alone to improve.

You also practice AFTER the field experience, when you get home.

Practicing after the actual event is a visual rehearsal.

When you do a visual rehearsal, you simply imagine what you did earlier that day all over again, while it’s still fresh in your mind.

You sit down in a chair where it’s quiet, and imagine your entire interaction with girl in vivid detail. For example, if you approached a girl at the mall, you would imagine the mall in vivid detail. You would imagine spotting the girl, noticing what she was wearing, and walking up to her.

You might imagine in a third person perspective, looking down at yourself, or from a 1st person perspective looking through your own eyes. It doesn’t matter.

Imagine how you walked up to her and your body language. Imagine what you said and how she reacted. Imagine the entire interaction from start to finish. This is the visual rehearsal.

Here’s where the learning part comes in. By visually and vividly reexamining the interaction, you’ll be able to spot obvious mistakes. Were you gawky or nervous? Could anything about your nonverbals be improved? Did you deliver the opener well in a playful, relaxed way? How did you follow up the opener?

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