Txt Love quote – Txt your Loved One A Txt Love QuoteToday!

Txt Love quote – Txt your Loved One A Txt Love QuoteToday!

Txt Love Quote – Mobile phones and txt messages are a great way to let the person you love know how much you love and care about them.

Send A Love Txt To The One You Love

This section will grow bigger over time, with more and more quotes for you to txt to your loved one.

If you wish, why not send us some of your own favourite quotes and see them listed alongside these?

We will be happy to include them in this section and that way you will be providing other readers with even more love quotes to txt their loved ones 🙂

Also feel free to send us your funny love quotes or your cute love quotes to include in the respective sections on this website for those too!

Here are some txt love quotes to start you off:

Txt Love Quote 1)

I love you forever and a day xx

Txt Love Quote 2)

Just a quick txt to let you know you are in my thoughts – love you xx

Txt Love Quote 3)

Hey you – Yeah you!

The one with the gorgeous smile…





Txt Quote 4)

I realised today that you are so stubborn – do you know how I know?

(Wait for reply)

Because I cant get you out of my mind xx

Txt Quote 5)

Whenever you feel low, Whenever you feel down, Txt me a txt, I’m always around xx

Txt Quote 6)

This txt is sent, With my love to you, A love that was meant, To Always Be True.

I love You Truly xx

Txt Quote 7)

Take a moment to read this txt, Then take a moment to read the next, When it comes, you’ll realise why, So for now until then, I’ll wish you goodbye.

(Then wait for as long as you want to wait… an few minutes, an hour… as long as you want)

Thanks for waiting, Good things do come late, Especially to those, Who know how to wait…?

Give some good news!!

“I’ve got the job/promotion!… I’ve prepared something special for you… Or whatever it may be!

(Signed however you want) I love you xx Or My place or yours 🙂 xx etc.

Txt Quote 8)

A txt just to say, In my own special way, That I’ll love you tomorrow, Even more than today xx

Txt Quote 9)

To txt you is fun, Because I know how you smile…

I love your smile… And I just want you to know…

I’m smiling too, Just thinking of you xx

Txt Quote 10)

You have won First Prize in the “luckiest guy in the world” competition.


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