The Mindset

The Mindset

“I just want to be nice to her and love her…”

“I want to treat her like a princess”

“If only she knew what a nice guy I was, then she’d like me!”

  • Every AFC to have ever lived

The fact that you are reading this is a step in the right direction. You are a recovering AFC. Don’t be afraid to admit it, we were all there at one time or another. We understand. But you are different, because you have come here to try and change that. is far and away the best site on the internet to learn this stuff. And be warned, there is a LOT of bad advice out there. I am speaking from personal experience when I say that bad advice can lead off on the wrong path for a long long time…

When I first started out, I just Googled “how to get a woman to like you“. I got some crap advice, and then proceeded to waste 18 months chasing a girl I met on adultfrienedfinder who I pedestaled like crazy. Of course she rejected me (looking back I don’t know how I couldn’t have seen it coming) and I had a mental breakdown. It was this pain that motivated me to seek out the answers to the questions I was asking… that’s when I came across, and I have never looked back. I had more results in a MONTH after reading this site than I did my entire life!

What a lot of sites don’t tell you is that you literally have to change the way that you look at the world… you have to have a shift in consciousness. Realise that you ARE capable of getting any woman. Realise that NO woman is perfect. Realise that YOU must lead the relationship. Realise that there will be a significant amount of MENTAL READJUSTMENT before you achieve what you want to achieve. BE A MAN.

Once this shift is made you will literally walk out of the house one day and will be able to read social interactions like a book. You can read how people are feeling, who they are attracted to, who they dislike…

The most important realisation I had while learning this stuff is this: being “nice” to a woman is not the natural way of things. Being “nice” to a woman and buying her gifts, flowers, presents etc… was invented by greeting card, diamond and chocolate companies so that you would give all YOUR money over to THEM. YOU CANNOT BUY A WOMAN’S ATTRACTION THROUGH MATERIAL THINGS. YOU CANNOT CONVINCE HER TO BE ATTRACTED TO YOU THROUGH LOGIC.

The first thing I did which got results the first day? I IRONED MY CLOTHES. So simple. Then I began working on my BODY LANGUAGE. Then I began learning how to interpret OTHER PEOPLE’S body language. Then I began just TALKING to women. Then I began COLD APPROACHES. Then I began CLOSING. One step at a time.

Do yourself a favour and read everything on this site. Internalise it. Know that everything on TV, in the movies, and in magazines will try to convince you otherwise. The journey has begun. Once you open Pandora’s box there is no turning back… ever.

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