What Turn Woman On, Is It Really Chocolate?

What Turn Woman On, Is It Really Chocolate?

Is chocolate an aphrodisiac for a woman? According to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 40 percent of women admitted to craving chocolate, while only 15 percent of men found it irresistible.  Maybe it has something to do with different gender food desires, women prefer sweet and sugary, men are into salt and protein. However, there is a scientific explanation for a woman’s chocolate desire. Does chocolate really turn a woman on? 

Let’s start with chemistry. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, both stimulants, as well as tryptophan, all of them contributes to the production of serotonin which diminishes anxiety and cause elation, it is similar way how Ecstasy, the “love drug” works. Also chocolate contains phenlethylamine, “love chemical”, and this chemical seems to contribute a lot to the woman’s orgasm. Well, does it make chocolate an aphrodisiac for a woman? Well, it does a little bit. Unfortunately, most of chocolate’s love chemicals metabolizes before reaching the central nervous system. But, still, a little bit of these love chemicals survive. A little bit is better than none!

Creamy, sensual and a guilty pleasure are synonyms that can describe chocolate. For centuries humans crave for chocolate. And not only women, men too. Of course, men mostly use chocolate to seduce women. And let’s admit, it has worked for centuries. So as diamonds, so as poems and songs, so as flowers and candles. Does chocolate turn a woman on? Well, the right answer: women are turned on to chocolate, not necessarily by chocolate. What really turn a woman on are love and attention. And if she doesn’t have it, what does she have to do? Maybe a box of chocolate will help…

Romantic Birthday Ideas

Romantic birthday ideas do not have to cost a fortune. You can come up with a lot of wonderful things to do and amazing things to present on the special occasion. The best romantic birthday ideas involve more thought than money so you might have to invest some time and energy into the project. One of the nicest things someone can do for another person is to show appreciation. The most romantic birthday ideas are ones that offer some sentiment but also communicate a lot of appreciative elements as also seen in these adultfrienedfinder app reviews. There are a number of different ways to show that you are thankful that you are involved with such a great person.


A wonderful approach to showing appreciation is to share notes of thanks or thoughtfulness. These romantic birthday ideas do require a lot of thought and some may take a lot of time to produce but I have a trick that you might want to consider after considering the approach.

Write 365 (yes, 365) little notes that covey messages that are personal and ones that show appreciation and thoughtfulness as well. Each little message is put on a small piece of paper that is folded and placed in a jar. These romantic birthday ideas are to be read each and every day for an entire year.

The person who receives the jar opens one note each morning or each evening throughout the entire 365 days until the next birthday. The romantic birthday ideas are magnificent in that they are received every day for an entire year. This is a great approach to communicating thoughtful appreciation for someone dear to you.

Not much of a writer? That’s okay. There is a product available online that does all of the work for you. The only drawback to purchasing these romantic birthday ideas is that the messages are not as personal and they are not written out by hand. Nevertheless, the fundamental elements of showing thoughtful appreciation throughout the entire year make these romantic birthday ideas outstanding.

The great thing about this gift is that it won’t be forgotten anytime soon. I can’t imaging receiving such a loving gift and not hold on to the memory for the rest of my life. When it comes to romantic birthday ideas you really want to consider getting something that won’t break the bank but will have a greater impact than any piece of jewelry ever will.

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