What You Should Know About Intriguing a Guy

What You Should Know About Intriguing a Guy

You know what makes women truly beautiful, the aura of mystery that surrounds her. So if you too want to make the guy dream about you day and night and want to be the object of his fantasies then here are some steps that will surely provide answer to the query “how to intrigue a guy”:

  • Never share a lot of information about yourself even when you have polite conversation or a deeply involved interaction with a guy. Try to answer politely up to the point. For example you don’t have to acquaint the guy with your daily schedule when he asks you “what are you doing tomorrow”. If your goal is the arouse his curiosity then your answer should left hum wondering and should not prepare him to write a detailed thesis on you.
  • Another simple trick to get the guy intrigued is to trail off the sentence in middle which will keep him in the guessing mode. You can also change the subject abruptly or take the conversation back into his court. The trick is never to bore the guy but at the same time shouldn’t appear too shallow.
  • If you had been asking how to intrigue a guy then remember it wont hurt if you remember even the minutest details about your partner. Surprise him with details like the brand of perfume he likes to wear, latest victory details of his favorite basketball team and same basic tidbits about automobiles and bikes which may surprise him and make him thoroughly impressed with your rocker memory and knowledge
  • Always dress to kill which would surely leave the guy yearning for more of your company. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident. This will not only help as a good morale booster but will also help you in impressing the guy.
  • Have no expectation whatsoever from your date which will further intrigue him. For example share your expenses when you are out for movies or dinner instead of letting the guy pay for you. You can tell him that you would be reaching the venue yourself instead of asking him to pick you up. This independent streak will surely leave the guy intrigued.
  • During the initial days of dating if you want to intrigue a guy never provide him with your number or home address. Let him search for your number by asking for it from your friends or office colleagues.

The above tips will definitely make you successful in intriguing a guy. However you should never be mean or snap at guys as that would make them angry. Always be cheerful and welcoming him with a smile with add to the feeling of mystery. Also don’t always ignore him or brush him off rather provide them half information and make him beg for extra information.

Last but not the least you theory of appearing mysterious may attract a guy but can also sometimes turn them off depending upon their personality. So before you try playing a mysterious girl on adultfrienedfinder app login try to get more information about his personality and see whether this technique will work on him or not.

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