How To Know If Your Ex Wants You Back

How To Know If Your Ex Wants You Back

When a couple breaks up after their romantic or long live relationship, it gets really hurt to get over.

The time after the break up is really depressing and annoying.

It’s like “the end” of the life. As time goes, the feeling of wanting their ex back often rises at mind.

At many cases, the feeling of getting back together stays at mind secretly; meanwhile, we just move on at our own life and never try to look behind.

But many often, it’s hard to avoid the feeling that comes at mind. So it becomes crucial to get them back who used to be someone special.

However, if you’re passing through a confusing situation like this, maybe I can help. The very first task you’ve to do is find out if your ex wants to get back together with you or not.

How to know If your ex wants you back:

So the question is how to know if your ex wants you back? Well, it’s all about signs that will surely let you know if your ex is interested or not. There can be lots of ways that your ex can use to tell you if he/she wants to get back with you.

You just have to understand it properly. May be your ex is trying, but you are the one who can’t catch it. So keep your eyes open and explore your ex’s behavior. So let’s start with some questions:

Does your ex call you often?

If your ex still has soft feelings for you, he/she will probably call you very often, almost every day. It is pretty much sure that there is nothing much talk about but still your ex tries to talk about things. You see by showing this, your ex is trying to tell you that he/she has feelings for you.

Talks only good about you?

At many cases, after a break up exes don’t like to talk about their partners. But if your ex likes you to get back, he/she will talk only good things about you such as still respects you or has faith on you like before. So if you keep a sharp hearing, it will be easy to know whether your ex loves you or not.

Does your ex seem curious about your new date?

This is another thing to consider whether your ex is paying attention to know about your new date at adultfrienedfinder app. If he/she showing too much curiosity whether you’ve moved on, whom are you dating or meeting, then your ex surely wants you back.

Even he/she can do some desperate moves such as threatening your new date or creating scene at your date. This will be surely irritating for you, but meanwhile you will know how deeply your ex wants you back.

Still hangs up with your friends and family.

You surely introduced your ex to your close friends and family members. Therefore, it’s time to check if he/she still contacts them like before. If it does, your friends and family members will know about your ex’s feelings. You can easily ask it to them.

So, if you think your answers for these questions are “yes”, then your ex surely wants you back. However still some doubt and confusion remains. So check the following tips on how to know if your ex wants you back.

Dating dilemma:

Does your ex is still single even after a good time of break up? May be he/she is smart enough to get someone new but living single. If it is, you still remain at your ex’s heart. He/she is surely going through a hard time to decide what to do.

Does your ex is dating someone? Don’t get disappointed. Keep a sharp eye at your ex. May be this is only for distracting the break up or to make you jealous. You can confirm that by some easy steps. Talk to your ex; check how he/she responses.

Awkward calls and texts:

Is your ex calling you ever since you two broke up? Maybe he/she is calling you more than a regular friend does. Often it happens, you’ve received the call but no talks from the other side, only the sound of breathe. Probably you’re receiving texts from your ex full of emotional poems or philosophy.

Improved attitude:

You’re watching your ex different than ever, improved behavior and very mature act.

He/she avoid things that you never liked or doing such things that he/she never did before. Well in that case, your ex is trying to change him/her to be a better one to you.

Tries to be your friend:

If your ex has weakness about you, he/she will try to stay in touch with you, may be asking you to be friends. Surely, they will call you very often and try to share everything with you. You will find him/her any time you want. Your ex will show that he/she is always there for you.

Talking about feelings:

If your ex is having hard times to move on, he/she surely talk to you about feelings. Your ex will call you constantly and share everything he/she is going through. Your ex will be trying to talk about the relationship like how perfect it was, how hard it is to move on or how much he/she loved you and will try to know if you feel the same for him/her.

Being nice:

That’s a major improvement you will see about your ex. He/she will act nice to you, no matter what the situation is. You will hear no nagging or bullying about you. Your ex will try to make you think positive about him/her.

Hang on with common friends:

One of the best ways find out what’s going on with your ex is to stick together with common friends of you and your ex. If your ex really wants you back, he/she will surely talk about you to them. Therefore, it will be easier for you to find out what’s up.

Tying loose ends:

Is your ex trying to talk about misunderstanding that took place at the relationship? If your ex has talked about unfinished issues that causes break up and trying to fix it, then he/she dies on you.

Check if your ex is trying to show that he/she has made changes for the better. May be he/she wants you to give the relationship one more chance.

Big coincidences:

It can happen that you’re walking through and your ex is coincidently passing through too. That’s actually okay. But has it become a regular affair? Then your ex has a good friend who gives updates of your every move and your ex is making an attempt to get you back in his/her life.

Helpless look:

So does your ex stare at you with big watery eyes just like Puss in Boots? When you walk away or don’t give attention, does he/she seem low? If yes, then your ex is dying to get you back. Don’t go at this look if you’re not sure whether you want to patch up or not.

The missing signs:

Check out if your ex shares his/her gloomy attitude with people close to you or reveal signs of missing you at public such Facebook or Twitter. May be you will see status like “only me and my loneliness” or “suddenly feeling lonely”. If it is, then certainly your ex is crying to get your attention.

Talking about those good days:

Check it out if your ex often talks about those good times you two spent together, holidays at beach or travelling to a romantic resort. Your ex will try to remind you those days to bring back the feeling so that you two can get back together.

Wishes for birthday or other milestones:

Does your ex still remember all the anniversaries, birthday or other milestones? Does he/she never miss any of them? That means you’re still in the mind. So it is possible that your ex wants to reunite.

Trying little romance:

Your ex may ask you for friendly meet or dinner. That’s okay since you two are may be friends now. But does he/she try something romantic?

Like inviting you at the same restaurant where you two had the very first date, trying candle light dinner or something special? Then you should know how your ex feels for you.

Miss you attempt:

This can be the biggest and open heart sign to prove that your ex still loves you and wants you back. Yes, I am talking about “I miss you”. If your ex feels sorry about those mistakes and trying to apologize to you, you will certainly know your ex wants you. It can be an apology card, a text, or a call. So it’s your turn to choose whether you response or not.

However, these are some common signs and tips on how to know if your ex wants you back. So keep them at mind and have a sharp eye to know what’s in your ex’s mind.

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