When Did You Lose Your Virginity?

When Did You Lose Your Virginity?

Do you believe that weight lifting machines are sacred, beautiful things which should be worshipped and adored, and if they like you, THEN you’ll be allowed to work out on them?

Do you go and brag to all your friends about how great your work-out was, and how you can’t wait to do it again?

I’m sure you don’t.

I’m sure when you want to go work out, you set aside some time, go to the gym, power through the work-out, then shower and go home and get on with your life.

Why is this?

Because you have a certain belief about going to the gym.

It’s something that you can do if you have the willpower to go do it. All you need to do is open up a membership and start pumping iron, right?

Now let me ask you this:

How is succeeding with women on adultfrienedfinder any different?

See, when you are given the time to build up certain ideas of how things should be — losing your virginity should be special, so you have to wait for the right girl to come along — no sex before marriage — women are special flowers who should be worshipped — and any other “happily ever after” cliche you can think of, what you’re really doing is SABOTAGING yourself and your success with women.

The guys who lost their virginity at a young age learned early: Sex is not special. Without love, it doesn’t mean anything.

It’s this belief and experience that frees these men from the fear, anxiety, and bad beliefs that hold back those of us who don’t have success with women until we’re older.

Because while they see sex for what it really is, there are those of us who still believe in waiting for the “perfect” woman.

Well guess what. No woman is perfect. Virginity should not be worshipped, and losing it should not be a sacred thing.

Your mind needs to be in the right place.

You MUST NOT be focused on the act of sex. Instead, your focus should be on relating to women as human beings.

This is the KEY to being successful in love.

When you remove the element of “Sacred Sex” as I call it, and stop placing so much darn importance on it, you free yourself up to really relate to women in a way that allows you to show them who you really are and what about you is attractive.

That’s the only real trick.

That’s what the guys who lose their virginity early are able to figure out.

Once you accept this as fact, go to this website:

The Art Of Approaching

Then get my book, The Art Of Approaching. It will show you how to use this mentality to your advantage and really start enjoying REAL success with the ladies.

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