Yahoo Personals

Yahoo Personals

Yahoo Personals is an enormous site full of profiles from every walk of life. The four million members of the site make it possible for members to find many matches that interest them. The free membership level allows basic members to search for their potential matches before joining. Yahoo Personals also lets members take relationship and personality tests to better find their perfect match.

Site URL:
Year Established: 1997
Regions Served: US, Canada, Brazil, Ireland, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia
Number of Members: 4 million
Free Membership? Yes, limited
Premium Membership? Yes
Relationship Types:
• Casual dating
• Relationship Seekers
Search by:
• Member Name or ID
• Personality Type
• Love Style
• Most parts of Profile (Gender, Hair Color, Weight, Income, Education, Religion, etc.)
• Distance, City and Zip Code
• Profiles with Photos
• Search For “Must Have” Criteria
Member Viewing Tools
• Photos and Captions
• Profile
Communication Tools:
• Instant Messenger
• Email
• Voice/Video Greetings
• Message Mailbox
Matching Tools
• Relationship Test
• Personality and Love Style Test
• Relationship Fit Ratings, for Premier Members
• Smart Search Function that Learns from Ratings
Site Features:
• Icebreaker Messages- Invite Members to Answer Selected Questions
• Personal Email
• Email Alerts
• Premium Matchmaking Service
• Rate matches to Improve Future Search Results
• Secure Mailbox for Messages from Members

Customer Support: Yes

Special Offers:
• Free One-Week Trial

Yahoo Personals is free to browse with a basic membership. The service is convenient for most people, and especially easy to set up for those who already have a Yahoo account. The site is integrated with Instant Messenger, further adding convenience and ease in communication similar as on adultfrinendfinder. Members have a private mailbox that holds messages from interested singles, and every member can choose whether or not to communicate. The privacy and security offered by the IM and mailbox system lets members communicate with any member they choose quickly and easily. Special features of the site include fun personality and love tests that can be used to search for singles who matched the test scores. For those members who are hesitant to approach other Yahoo Personals members, there are Icebreakers questions that let members get to know each other before other contact is made. Members choose questions that they would like answered by members who are interested. Answering an Icebreaker question is a great way to ease into communications and get to know members. For the bolder members, the IM communication integration lets members contact each other directly. Email communication adds another level of intimacy for members who choose to contact each other to get personal.

All upgraded memberships come with a free first week of membership with full privileges. A Premier membership lets members search from among other Premier singles, and enables the Relationship Fit rating system to more effectively find matches. Upgraded memberships allow members to rate each of their matches according to any criteria they like. This enables the search function to learn what types each member prefers and to provide matches that are more like the ones rated highly. This smart search function is a rare function among online dating sites, and provides a level of customization that members find a great way to reduce the time it takes to find their best matches. The searches are further customized by offering the Yahoo Personals Standard search to seek out singles looking for more casual relationships, and a search for Relationship Seekers for those who want to take a shortcut to members who want a deeper relationship. These features let members focus their searches on the ones most likely to be seeking the same type of relationship they want. To get in on the casual searches, relationship searches, and everything in between, sign up for Yahoo Personals today!.

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