3 Hot Tips For Seducing Online

3 Hot Tips For Seducing Online

Online dating is a goldmine for meeting women but very few guys know how to use it to get maximum benefit. The biggest advantage that online dating has is that you can do it from home. I like to chill in my boxer shorts with ESPN on, while I checkout all the women who are interested in meeting me. Online dating beats running out to the club and spending money. Now, don’t get me wrong, clubs are fun an all but sometimes you just want to chill out and let the women come to you. You can find women online who just want sex, women who just want to date, and even women who are worth giving a ring to.

Here are 4 tips to help you get a leg up on all the guys out there:

Tip #1: You have to present a life that women want to be apart of!

This is the most important tip so please pay attention. Seducing a woman is all about getting into her mind and making her feel strong emotions throughout her body. Guys who suck at adultfrienedfinder online dating have boring profiles that women ignore. Your profile needs to be booming with life, pictures and words that attract her. You need to write in a way that touches her and that makes you appear to be authentic. This is where you get to talk and display your passion for life. Show pictures of you doing cool stuff and talk about how you want the right woman to join you. Women are attracted to men who have an attractive lifestyle.


Tip #2: Use a real dating site and not social media!

I know guys who pull a lot of women on Facebook but once you starting dating and messing around with a ton of women, you don’t want them all on your Facebook account. The best dating sites are the paid dating sites because the women on there are serious about meeting a man. Sure there are free dating sites like OkCupid and Plenty of Fish but they just don’t provide the same value and caliber of women. Take your online dating efforts seriously and join a real site.

Tip #3: Be cool calm and collective when you message women!

Nothing is more of a turn off than a pushy man. Guys who message women and say too much never get the girl. When you find a woman you are attracted to, simply send her a short message introducing yourself, mention what you liked about her profile and suggest that she take a look at your profile. This is ALL you have to do! Keep your messages short and simple.

These are just basic tips that will help you with online dating. If you want to learn even more powerful techniques, take a look at our Online Dating Playbook. It has all the things that you need to master online dating.

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