The wonders of Sarging on Facebook and MySpace

The wonders of Sarging on Facebook and MySpace

Most guys live their life in a very small box. And the secret to making big changes, the secret to busting out of that tiny little box is quite simply changing the way you think about things.Now, most guys don’t really think about meeting girls online in the right way. But it’s a mine-field of women in there to game.

Lot of you will be very hesitant to try the whole MySpace and Facebook pick-up and Adultfrinendfinder pick-up. And feel that it is better to go out and interact with people in person than spend time in front of a computer trying to interact with people. The more time away from this silly machine the better.

Every time there is a new way of doing something it takes time for people to get comfortable with it. In many respects the idea of meeting people online is still fairly new, but thanks to the emergence and popularity of social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook this is all changing. In fact, there are well over 200 million members on MySpace alone with around 300,000 new users joining every day from around the world. Facebook is close behind with about 250,000 new users a day. And guess what???…half of those are women! Social networking sites are different than traditional dating sites. You should really view them as an online hang out. Just as you would go to the mall, a bar, the coffee shop or a club to hang out and meet new people, you can use social networking sites to connect with and meet like-minded new friends.

The fact of the matter is the same women you meet out at bars, clubs, bookstores and coffee shops are on social networking sites. The girl next door, the hot bartender, that cute girl standing in line at Starbuck’s are all online. And because it is continually becoming more and more socially acceptable these same girls are open to meeting up with guys they met online. It’s not just for young people either. Obviously these sites are full of people in their early 20’s and 30’s, but there are also tons of women between the ages 34 to 44 as well. Do you really want to miss out on such an easy way to meet all these women? I didn’t think so.

There is absolutely no social pressure when messaging women online. You have as much time as you need to craft the perfect response. This is a relief for many guys who have trouble knowing what to say. When you are relaxed at your house you are more able to come up with an authentic response. In a sense, she gets to see a more accurate picture of who you are while allowing you to learn at your own pace how to successfully interact with women. In addition, there is no “fear of rejection”. If a girl does not respond you simply move on…no harm no foul. She can’t shoot you down or embarrass you in front of her friends or other people; she is just a picture and some text. At the same time you will be corresponding with several different women simultaneously so there is no bother if a particular girl doesn’t respond.

As you can see, the reason to add online game as a way to meet and date women is quite compelling. Many of the worlds best PUA’s and Social Artists still maintain their online profiles despite meeting women out in person because it is just too good not too. I will give you now a little advice on profile design that should help when you are starting a MySpace or Facebook account.

Profile Design

There are many elements that go into setting up your profile correctly. There isn’t enough time to cover all the techniques that we use now, but here are the major things to keep in mind as you design your profile:

Simplicity and Readability
You want your profile to be as easy to read as possible. Women will abandon your profile quickly if it takes too much effort to get an idea of who you are. A good way to start out is to use a solid background with contrasting text colours (i.e white text on a black background or any light on dark colour scheme). You don’t need to go overboard in this area; simplicity and readability is the key.

When to write and what to write
Take careful consideration about what you write about yourself. If you try to express in words how cool you are, the fun things you do, the beautiful women you hang out with every weekend, etc, you will be perceived as trying to hard to gain approval. In addition, girls who don’t know you have no reason to spend their time reading about you and they commonly won’t unless you’ve compelled them to first.

Use pictures

Your pictures will tell a story about you and demonstrate in a compelling way why somebody who doesn’t know you yet should want to meet you. You want to use pictures of you doing a variety of different things with a variety of different people.

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