5 Reasons why you should be careful who you choose to be your romantic partner

5 Reasons why you should be careful who you choose to be your romantic partner

Would you believe that people spend more time and effort choosing cars, career and holiday spots than who they let into their romantic life?

Many people simply fall in love based on chemistry and feelings. Somehow the cold hard objectivity of evaluating the person disappears if they could make the person feel the fluffy feeling of love and romance.

I know what you are saying – that could never happen to me! Believe me attraction is not a choice.

When your subconscious mind sees someone who has what it takes romantic chemistry is kindled and you will be singing a totally different tune.

However to keep your feet on the ground I want to offer 5 reasons why you should guard your heart with iron bars.

Don’t get me wrong chemistry is important but I tell people who want to have a happy marriage you need to choose the right person for you even if you use adultfrinendfinder.com login.

They could kill your:

  1. Time
    1. This does not matter if you are a teenager. However if you are in your late twenties, early thirties or forties you do not want to spend a year with someone only to find out they have no intention to take the relationship further.
  2. Emotions and self esteem
    1. Nobody likes rejection and each time we have to end a relationship or someone dumps us it takes a heavy toll on how we feel about ourselves and our esteem.
  3. Finances
    1. Men are usually the people whose bank account suffer most in this instance, however more and more women are also paying the price. One lady confessed to me that she nearly lost her house when the man she loved promised to pay her mortgaged and moved in with her. He turned out to be trickster who would pretend to be paying bills but would only hid them from her. He was later caught and jailed for fraud he committed long before he met her.
  4. Reputation
    1. Having a string of failed romances is much life having bad credit. Potential prospects would wonder if something is terribly wrong with you and shun you
  5. Your life
    1. Some people have lost their lives because they trusted the wrong person and became vulnerable to them. One lady was constantly physically abused by the man she loved and married. He eventually murdered her when he was in a drunken stupor.

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