If You Love Romance In Your Relationship, Don’t Give Way To Other People’s Beliefs

If You Love Romance In Your Relationship, Don’t Give Way To Other People’s Beliefs

Love romance for what it is; don’t mistake it for what it’s not.

Which brings us to the second of our ten Romance Destroyer mistakes to watch out for…

2) Romance Destroyer: OTHER PEOPLES BELIEFS

Ever wondered why there are so many jokes about the “dreaded in-laws”?

Why and how do they come about? Not because everyone’s in-laws are necessarily bad people.

It is simply this – They interfere with people’s relationships, but when you are married, it becomes more evident, because often they no longer need to do it covertly. Quite often it’s done right there in front of your face.

But the “in-laws principle” happens all the time before marriage, in fact throughout our lives.


So you have met a guy at adultfrienedfinder and everything is going great. You are in love. You want to share your experiences with everyone in the world who’ll care to listen.

“He’s so great…” “He’s such fun…” “He’s so caring…” “He does this…” “He does that…”

You tell your friends, your family, your work colleagues… You’re so glad to have and you love romance in your life.

So at first people listen with enthusiasm… and they go… “Hmmmmmm…. Ohhhhhhh… oooooooohhh…”

And they share in your delight… You love romance and they love romance too! Great!

But then sadly, what usually happens is this.

Suddenly everybody you know becomes a relationship expert.

Everybody knows better than you about your relationship, what to do, what not to do, and what to watch out for.

Then you begin to hear things along the lines of…

“He’s only using you for xyz…” “It won’t last…” “Same thing happened to Janet when she met Dave…” “Men are all b…..ds!”

Etc. etc.

So by the time you next meet your man, you have other people’s garbage going around in your brain.

You start looking at him through “are you just out to use me?” eyes.

You start believing that it won’t last, so you start planning your safest escape routes that will leave you with the least hurt.

You think about Janet, and how she was so in love with Dave, until Dave ran off with the Jessica. Suddenly your man looks like Dave.

You conclude all men, including your man now, must be b…..ds!

Worse still, you take these thoughts as your own, simply forgetting that they have been planted there by other people.



Take on board what you necessarily must – friends/family usually have your best interests at heart.

Don’t however, let others make problems for you! You have your own intuitions too right?

However, UNLESS there is some concrete proof of anything that you SHOULD know about and that might start alarm bells ringing, it’s all conjecture.

Throw it in the bin.

Better still; keep your personal life exactly that. Personal.

So if you truly love romance in your relationship…


Let people interfere, and they will.

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