A Player’s Worst Enemy – Pimples

A Player’s Worst Enemy – Pimples

Pimples are the players worst enemy; Pimples can be the worst thing to happen to a working player. This guide/article will attempt to teach you how to treat, and prevent future pimples. NOTE: this guide should not be used for people with acute acne; you should see a dermatologist. The same applies if you have black head pimples. This guide will cover white heads, and bumps suspected of being pimples. First, if you have white heads, you will read to never pop them until they are ready. Dermatologists tell you that because if you pop them incorrectly (which most people do) you will scar your face. My father, however, is a dermatologist and has taught me the art of popping pimples successfully.

Pimples are the players worst enemy; Pimples can be the worst thing to happen to a working player meeting women on adultfriendrfinder. How to pop white-heads correctly: The first thing you should do is examine the head of it. If it is white then go in front of a mirror and put your two index fingers a centimeter or two from the pimple and pull the skin away NEVER PUSH IN ON THE PIMPLE. If the pimple pops congratulations, that pimple was ready to be popped. If it didn’t, don’t worry, you can still get the white away. First you want to get a needle. A sewing needle is too thin, and a nail is too thick. The diameter of the needle that were looking for is about the thickness of a small paper clip, but don’t use a paper clip. If you can’t find one in the size that we’re looking for, you can use a sewing needle, I just wouldn’t recommend it though. Ok, now your ready, place the sharp end of the needle below the head of the pimple, and push through it going up.

NEVER GO THROUGH IT INTO YOUR BODY, THIS CAUSES INCURABLE SCARING. Now, remove the needle carefully so that you don’t poke yourself, and do what we did before, put your fingers about a centimeter from it, and pull away from it. If the pimple was puss filled, it will pop out. Quickly wipe that up. If none comes out, pull harder, sometimes the puss is actually not just juicy it is sometimes more like a gel. But if you start too see blood, then you’re pulling hard enough, STOP!! If your hands are slipping, then wash your face with bar soap (don’t use liquid soap for now). When you are sure that you have gotten it all removed, your skin will be red around it that will go away tomorrow, or later.

Now, to prevent them from coming or to stop bumps so that they don’t become full fledged pimples: the first thing is self control, when you identify a pimple you must NEVER SCRATCH at it. If you do scratch at it, you are just feeding it, and I can guarantee you that it will become a pimple. TRUST ME! You now need to buy a few things. So, head over to your local pharmacy, CVS, Rite-Aid, Eckerd etc, and head over to your skin care center, and buy three things: Any over the counter 10% Benzoyl Peroxide product, DO NOT get more than 10%…if you can even find it.

Any over the counter 2% Salicylic Acid product (I recommend Clearasil overnight acne defense gel, it has served me well). And finally, Stridex Anti-Bacterial Foaming Wash. Used correctly, those products really will help your pimples. The Foaming Wash should be used at least twice daily. Use it when you wake up and before you go to sleep. DO NOT USE IT IN THE SHOWER, it will make you feel like your face is on fire (at least for the color that I have) Also, it says to use 1 to 1.5 pumps, use 2, it works better that way. Now, for the overnight gel, wash your face with a good bar soap (or your favorite foaming wash), and then use the gel before you go to bed.

Now, when you wake up, wash your face, and then apply the gel again if you do not wash your face the next layer of gel won’t do anything. For the first few days, DO NOT USE the overnight gel more than once a day (that doesn’t include the night). If you don’t follow the directions like me, your skin starts to peel, especially around the mouth ew! When your finally pimple free, or only have one or two pimples, you should start to use the Benzoyl Peroxide that will make sure that your skin stays nice and dry you won’t get pimples. But when you’re done, make sure to keep using the Foaming wash.

For this guide to be effective, you must be religious about it. You must do it every day; you must have a regiment. This treatment takes time to be effective, but you must do it EVERY DAY. Do not try to make up for a day that you missed by applying double, it doesn’t work that way. Just keep with it. With these products, you will be pimple free soon. It’s really a simple program buy three things, wash your face, use them daily, and be happy because you feel great, and your pimple free, it doesn’t get easier than this. You have to work to make sure that they will disappear, THERE IS NO OVERNIGHT CURE FOR PIMPLES THEY TAKE TIME!!!

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