Elephant Powered Pickup

Elephant Powered Pickup

When I was just starting high school, I can remember being ridiculously shy. A big part of the reason for this was that I didn’t have a very good self image.  I didn’t believe in myself, so it was hard to have the confidence to talk to people. After all, why should they care about what I had to say when I knew at some level that what I had to say wasn’t very worth while anyway.

Maybe you had a time in your life where you can relate to how I felt back at that time. Maybe that time is still with you even now to some extent. If so, read on.

Well, there is no overnight solution, but I want to share with you one of the things that helped me start my journey to where I am today. It was my first experience with the self improvement industry.

It was so long ago now that I don’t remember the name of the product, but I ordered these subliminal tapes that helped to reprogram my mind to believe more in myself. They worked OK,
though it’s hard to quantify exactly how, and even to this day I don’t necessarily recommend subliminal products.

However, one thing from that product stuck with me even to this day.  It is a story of how belief, or lack of it, can affect outcome.

The story was about elephants and how they are trained. When elephants are captured, they are usually captured young.  Hunters will often kill older elephants for tusks, but keep the young elephants since they are still trainable.

The young elephant is tied at the leg with a strong rope or chain to a stake that is driven deep into the ground.  It doesn’t have the power to pull out the stake or break the rope or chain.  No matter how hard it tries, it is just no use.  After awhile, the young elephant just gives up.

Over time, the mere feeling of pressure against its leg tells it that it is bound and cannot move.  However, by the time an elephant is full grown, it easily has the power to break chains, pull out stakes.  Elephants are one of the strongest mammals on earth, in fact they are actually also the most dangerous, as wild elephants kill more people each year than any other animal on earth.

So if the elephant would just try again once it gets old enough, it would learn the amazing power it has to break free of all its limitations as if they were just strings holding it down.

I remember realizing that I was like the elephant, I was tied by the chains of all the times people had told me I wasn’t good enough, all the times they had told me I could not succeed.  So there I was, simply not even trying because I believed all this B.S., it was like a chain on my mind.

The analogy holds for so many areas of our lives, but it is probably most pronounced in the area of meeting and dating women. For every time we tried to talk to a woman and got shot down, we felt the strength of the chain and were discouraged from trying again.

Imagine though what it would have been like if you met with success from our very first time you talked to a woman on adultfrienedfinder.  Imagine how confident you would be the next time, and the next time, and the next, each time becoming more and more confident.

For some guys, that is how it is.  For the rest of us, we need to learn how to start realizing that the chains that hold us back are mainly in our minds.  We need to learn the tools that allow us to start having the successes that build into more successes

In the meantime, remembering the analogy of the elephant can help you start testing new boundaries in your life.

The next time you feel any kind of doubt about your abilities or potential, realize there is actually the strength of an elephant inside you somewhere, but you just haven’t yet learned how to fully
bring it out. 

You can almost picture or imagine the power of an elephant welling up inside you and being ready to break out.  It may sound silly, but it can work and it is a lot less silly than continuing to not realize your full potential due to limiting beliefs and experiences.

As long as you start today, you can have all the success you desire eventually.

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