A Woman’s Close Friends And Her Character

A Woman’s Close Friends And Her Character

If you want to judge the character of your girlfriend quickly, start by looking at the close friends she hangs out with.

Likes attract likes. It’s just one of the universal rules of attraction.

If a woman hangs out with a lot of gold diggers, then most of the time she will be a gold digger too -even if she hides it well.

If a woman hangs out with a lot of cheaters then you can bet she will cheat on you sooner or later.

A reader once told me how all five of his girlfriend’s roommates were cheating on their boyfriends and how going to her place to have sex always felt like going to a whore house because there would always be guys dropping in.

I warned him to keep an eye out for his girlfriend. A month later, he caught her in bed with another guy.


If a woman hangs out with a lot of bimbos, you can bet she’s not so smart either.

Friendship is based on common values and qualities, get it?

By the way, this “test” applies to you as well.

If you are hanging out with the “wrong crowd”, think about whether or not your time could be better spent with other people or on more productive activities than visiting adultfrinendfinder.com login.

Hang out with the losers enough, and you will end up as a loser too. Don’t be surprised if you wake up one day and find out you are exactly like your close friends!

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