Actions Speak Louder…

Actions Speak Louder…

This is a conversation that took place in the newly added Player’s Chat Room, and I think many of you may find it to be interesting and/or helpful.

Turner: Yo guys, whats the best lies, as in not telling the truth, to tell women to get them going. I’ve often seen the “Im successful and rich” approach work the best for one nighters, what you guys have?

The Player: You don’t have to “lie”. It’s more about projecting the image that you want to lie about without actually stating it.

The Player: For example: you would get much better results if you wore clothing and jewelry that would make you look rich than if you simply said “Girl… I’m paid”.

Turner: Thanks for the info, a good con I perceive is all about attitude and playing the part. So if you dress the part and act it, no words said. Thanks for the advice Player. Are there any web sites out there for dressing the part, current fashion and such? Or do we need to go buy the latest GQ and Rolling Stone magazine then go get knock-offs of what we see?

The Player: hehe, that’ll work fine. If you get fake diamond earrings, a fake Movado watch, and a cheap chain and you should look fly in any clothes. If you really want to impress a certain girl on adultfriendrfinder you can rent a Jaguar or Lexus for the night and she will be all over you from the second you swing by to pick her up.

Turner: Another question I have is what do you do when you get to a bar and the guys far exceed the women. Now this may not happen to most of you much, but I’m up in Alaska where this is a regular occurrence. Cock blocking has become a fine art up here.. you know you have a problem when the bar sign reads “Remember Ladies, when you leave Alaska, your still ugly”.

The Player: haha, I should put that in the pick up lines section 😛

Turner: Yeah it’s bad.

The Player: Well… when I’m at a party/bar/club where the girl/guy ratio really sucks I always try to do something to make myself stand out… like begin telling an interesting story and going through all the details while talking loudly in order to draw attention to myself. Immediately after I’ll approach the best looking woman or group of women and begin a conversation.

The Player: Most of the time they will be very receptive because since their attention was drawn to you earlier… you are viewed as being someone important.

Turner: Have any story suggestions that impress the ladies?

The Player: Anything funny usually works… but there are a few subjects you should stay away from, like “I was banging this girl and…” or “We were beating this guys ass and…”. What I like to do is steal something funny I’ve seen on TV and replace the characters with me and some friends.

The Player: You can even make up a story about how you found a winning lottery ticket… which will give them the impression that you are rich without actually saying “I’m rich” because you are simply telling a unique story about how you found a ticket.

Turner: Sweet Idea, thanks Player. You have a good day man, I’ve been studying up on the web site also. I’m putting it to test tonight to see how it goes. I guess I should steer clear of Sienfeld though, since everyone seen it a hundred times.

The Player: hehe yea, good luck… and remember to smile a lot, it’s the best tip on this site.

Turner: Will do player.

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