Great DHV Storytelling During Online Game

Great DHV Storytelling During Online Game

I’ve been really toying with my online dating style, and have been getting good results. Through the Seduction University and this website, I decided to emphasize the DHV story more in online gaming and have had great responses.

Now, I’ll admit, this only works if you are a decent writer with a wide, descriptive vocabulary and an engaging imagination. If you have these qualities, at some point in your second e-mail launch into a DHV story (make it as funny as humanly possible) by saying something like, “Holy shit, you wouldn’t believe what happened to me today.” This story should be your own personal, re-used story. It will be true, but it could have happened a month ago, a year ago, or last week. It doesn’t matter; say it happened that day. If you are good, she will respond by saying how funny you are and then relate the story to her own life. Next e-mail, same thing, new story. Two stories should suffice to get you comfort, some attraction, and help you stand out.

What these stories and exchanges do is make you interesting. All these crazy things are happening to you in the same week. Your life must be so spontaneous and fun! Not only that, it gives you topics to discuss that are more casual than asking, “What do you like to do for fun?” Also, you can almost always find a way to playfully Neg. I came up with a “joke-prostitute” neg which gets a good laugh. One girl on adultfriendrfinder told me the following at the end of my DHV storytelling e-mail:

“Anyways, I think you’re ridiculously funny so I’ll wait for your next crazy email to crack me up.”

She was trying to give me orders. Obviously, you never take orders. So I followed it with:

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Yes, I’m funny, but my humor doesn’t come on demand. You’ve made me feel so… dirty… like a joke-prostitute turning tricks on a street corner. “Five bucks for a knock-knock joke, ten for ‘Man walks into a bar.’ Whatcha need, baby?”

I followed it with another DHV story. I’ve since number closed this girl, had a good phone conversation, and will probably see her soon. Use it if you need it. Make her start pleasin’ it.

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