Women You Meet At The Club Who Live Far Away

Women You Meet At The Club Who Live Far Away

Hi Dave,

I met a girl in a club the other night, using techniques I’ve learnt from you guys, I approached her and it all went perfectly well. We had a dance and a kiss but her friends eventually dragged her away at 4am because they had to go, she really didn’t want to leave!

Here’s the thing, we’re in different cities and I want to see her again. We exchanged numbers and email addresses. How do I keep her interested until the next time I visit (I have family where she is and plan on going over in a few weeks)?

Keep up the good work and I look forward to your response.


>>> My Answer:

Congrats Mo… U the man!

Well yeah these things happen as you’re gaming chicks in clubs, one minute everything will be going perfectly fine and another, before you’ll know it, she’ll be gone!

The moral of the story here is, ACT FAST before shit happens!
But you did good my friend as you managed to get her number and especially her email.

Here’s the thing.

I personally don’t like to waste too much time over the phone or email with small talk.

Phone game or email game or online on adultfrinendfinder (that’s what guys call it nowadays) can get tricky for some and I don’t recommend it for beginners.

I don’t do it too often either.

When you call her up the next day, say..

“Hey, nice hanging out with ya last night, won’t have much time but I’ll be around your area Saturday next week, lets get together over drinks for some guilty conversation… etc”

No point wasting your time ‘keeping her interested’ til then, cos bare in mind, a girl’s emotions can change just like ‘that’ — she might show interest in you that night, but they can EASILY change their mind ANYTIME so it’s better for you to not think too much and just go DO it!

Ever heard of the term “buyers remorse”?

Well, the same can happen with women too!

That being said, if you’d like to go the longer route, you can start using the cocky & funny technique (courtesy of David D) over email if that’s where you’re more comfortable in.

Some guys do pretty fly in this I’ve seen it happend before so ultimately the decision is yours.

Good luck bro.. I’m sure you’ll do well in it 🙂

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