Affair With A Married Man: Five Things You Need To Know

Affair With A Married Man: Five Things You Need To Know

Going out with a married man is quite different than seeing a single bachelor. There are multiple differences and while we do not condone having an affair, as it typically only leads to heart break, we’ve decided to write a ‘How To Have An Affair’ for women to teach you five things to remember and to hopefully save you from some grief if you’re going to have have an affair with a married man.

#1 – Remember You’re Not In A Relationship

This is extremely important to remember. If you start to believe that you’re in a relationship with a married man, you’ll only be heading for trouble. You’ll be much better off remember that at the end of the day the married man you’re having an affair with is going home to see his wife, family, etc. Leep your head out of the clouds and you’ll save yourself from some heart.

#2 – Keep It Light And Fun

This goes in line with step #1. If you’re having an affair with a married man, keep things simple and fun. I can’t say reiterate this enough… it’s important to remember that at the end of the day, this man’s obligation is to his family, particularly to his wife, and unless you’ve seen the divorce papers, you’ll want to remain unattached as this affair doesn’t have a future and will only fizzle out when it’s no longer fun for him.

#3 – Don’t Get Attached

This is what things can turn disastrous for you. If you start to get clingy and act like his girlfriend, he’ll most likely get nervous and want to cool things off by taking a break which will only lead to heart ache. You’re better off keeping some distance in your affair with a married man and remembering that it’s not a long-term relationship.

#4 – Keep It Safe

Make sure he wears protection! Also, you may not want to be out in public places where you and he can get easily caught as a suspicious wife can be dangerous, and a private detective is only a phone call away.

#5 – Reconsider

While having an affair with a married man can prove to be quite an adventure and fun for some, it’s important to reconsider if you’re the type that likes to quickly get romantically involved. If you can follow the previous four steps, then you’ll end up relatively unscathed when the relationship does end at some point.

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