Tips For Having A Successful Affair

Tips For Having A Successful Affair

Having an affair at Adultfrienedfinder and not getting caught can be very complicated, especially if the affair is ongoing. Included below are a few pointers to having an affair and making it successful by making sure it’s kept a secret and hidden from your spouse.

The first key to for those of you attempting to have an extra-marital affair is to make sure that you use a separate e-mail address from your normal one. This secondary e-mail address should only be used to communicate to your lover. You should also make sure that you use these servers while using the private browsing feature on your web browser so that you leave no traces of having an affair.

The second important thing to remember when having an affair is that you want to make sure that your spouse can’t trace your phone calls. This means that if they pay the bills or have access to the account online, they can see a list of all your calls – to whom they were placed and at what time. You don’t want these details put back in your face if you are having an affair so make sure to get one of those phones where you pay by the minute or use an online service like Google Voice.

Make extra cash by selling your sperm/eggs, selling your prized comic books, etc. Just make sure you have a way to bring in extra cash that never hits your bank account and in a manner that your spouse can’t trace. You want to make sure that you have money to spend on your lover if having an affair but at the same time you don’t want to leave any incriminating traces of unexplainable cash withdrawals from your bank account.

Buy your lover the same scents/aftershave that your spouse wears. This will ensure that you don’t have any unrecognized scents by your spouse which will ensure when having an affair that you won’t get caught.

If you follow the advice given, you’ll protect yourself from getting caught by your spouse when having an affair. There’s nothing worse than having an affair and then being found out! So remember to leave no traces behind!!

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