All You Need to Know about Female Body to Find Her Every Erogenous Zone

All You Need to Know about Female Body to Find Her Every Erogenous Zone

Men have the hardest job. Once you’ve learnt how to seduce women, you have to endure some further learning about how to touch a female body. We are talking about the various erogenous zones. What most men do wrong is assuming there is a one-size-fits-all approach to this. Granted there are some lady parts that will always respond positively to your every touch, but what worked for your ex-girlfriend won’t necessarily work for your current squeeze. By sticking to your reharsed routine and ignoring 95% of her body, you are missing out on some of the most mind boggling, stomach churning sex. We went out and found various sex experts and had them tell us about the various hidden female erogenous zones. And like good friends, we are here to let you in on the secret so you too can learn how to shatter and rock your girls world.

1. Brain

The belief that the mind is a lady’s biggest sex organ is absolutely true. By talking dirty to her on adultfrienedfinder app and engaging her mind, she will get turned on at a deeper level that can only work to your advantage. Every man who knows how to seduce women knows that you need to know your woman. Find out what appeals to her. Is she into romantic talk, or dirty talk? What fantasies run through her mind? Maybe she likes role play, find out what type.

2. The Scalp

There is a stress hormone that a head massage releases. It relaxes her and at the same time enhances her sexual pleasure. Use your fingertips to scratch the scalp. Long sweeping strokes, all the way to the base of the head. Knead that area using your thumbs applying upward pressure. Use the same motion in the area behind her ears. This is soothing, pampering, sensual and seductive. She’ll love it.

3. The ears

Home to 120+ acupressure points, touching the ears can and often does send sexual energy through a female body. Talking softly into them and caressing them is also very sexually stimulating. Gently pressing the lobs with your lips or massaging with your fingertips should do the trick. Don’t grope though, ears can be very sensitive.
4. The Nose

Bad odor never turned on anybody that wasn’t into that sort of thing, and most people aren’t. The olfactory sense plays a major role in arousal. By combining licorice and cucumber, you can madly turn on your woman. It has been proven that certain scents arouse women. Using essential oils also helps. Patchouli and Ginger have been known to increase sexual energy whereas ylang ylang increases sexual interest.

5. The lips

The first kiss between lovers drives up dopamine while kissing a long term partner helps release oxytocin. These are both ‘feel-good’ brain chemicals that put a lady in the mood. It is advisable to let your lady take the lead here. Men are into sloppy kisses because there is testosterone in saliva. Women on the other hand aren’t so keen on it. Keep your lips firm but also soft and let her kiss you. She will unknowingly show you the way she prefers to be kissed through the way she kisses you.

6. The Neck

There is a muscle in the neck that connects your head to the sternum. It is under your ears and is very sensitive. Kiss, nibble, lick and bite gently all the way through the entire length of her neck. Finding the right balance will make her uncontrollably hot for you.

7. The breasts

A woman’s breasts are two of her most sensitive body parts. We all know this about the female body. Some women have been known to get thunderous orgasms just by having their breasts touched in the right way. However, this will depend on the woman. Some like soft kisses and caressing while others might require you to be less gentle. Avoid teenage boy kind of groping and trying to fine-tune a radio.

8. The Skin

Being the largest organ in the human body, it’s only logical that a big part of our brain be dedicated to touch. Less is more here. Let the lady feel your breath move over her skin, then when she least expects it, lightly touch her using your tongue, lips or fingertips. Her belly, thighs, ass, and small of the back are some of the most sensitive places. Some women like to be grabbed, smacked and bitten. Be sure to find out first though.

9. The Clitoris

This is perhaps one of the most readily identifiable erogenous zones in a female body. A convergence of nerves makes the clitoris the female equivalent of a penis. If handled properly, it gets hard and releases into sweet orgasmic convulsions. This is where instructions come in handy. Let her show or tell you how she wants it. Avoid roughness and speed. Women like it slow and wet.

10. The Feet

Remember when we talked about a big portion of the brain being dedicated to touch? Well a bigger portion of that portion is dedicated to the sensory nerves on her feet. Be sure they are clean first, then gently pinch her toes. This creates anticipation. Lick her body all the way down to her toes. When you get there, gently suck on them. This will drive her wild. It’s akin to oral sex.

11. The inner thighs

This erogenous zone is very sensitive to touch due to the many nerve endings present there. To seduce women, gently stroke, kiss, lick and fondle their inner thighs. No hard biting. This is a very sensitive area, you don’t want to cause your lady unnecessary pain, unless she’s into that sort of thing.

12. Behind the knees

Just like her inner thighs, this part of the female body has a lot of nerve endings and is therefore very sensitive to touching, kissing and licking. Don’t overdo it. This is a very sensitive area. Light kisses, nibbling and licking should do the trick.

13. The buttocks

Just as much as you like staring at them, most women like it when you fondle their behinds. A little squeezing, spanking, caressing, licking and penetration with either your finger or penis works wonders. You have to be very certain about the penetration bit though, make sure that you are both comfortable with it.

14. The wrists

You might not have noticed many female body parts (we know you saw the butt and the boobs), but a woman’s wrist are some of the most sensitive parts of her. Gently nibble, caress and kiss them. See how turned on she gets.

There, now you know about the female body and its erogenous zones. You see, there is much more to turning on a woman than just playing with her sexual organs. Until next time, Seduce Women Like a King!

Make sure to go to parties and other social functions. And when you are at the party avoid standing in a corner and simply looking around. This is not the method you should use if you want to seduce women. Try to look confident, smile and walk around. Finding some mutual acquaintances is a good way of meeting single women.

If you prefer meeting single women who are a bit older, then it is a good idea to consider extracurricular classes. Yoga classes and cooking classes are usually good options. However, whatever classes you opt for you need to make sure that you are also willing to learn as you do not want to stand out as an intrusive guy.

Having said that, one of the best ways of meeting single women is by being introduced by a mutual acquaintance. In such a way the woman will already feel some security when getting to know you. Moreover, the more you go to places where single women tend to be, the better your chances are of meeting the woman of your dreams. Just try to keep these things in mind in your endeavor to find and Seduce Women Like a King!

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