10 Tips on how to get a girl to like you

10 Tips on how to get a girl to like you

Did you found yourself liking a girl but don’t know how to make her like you back? Well here is 10 tips on how to get a girl to like you. Enjoy!

Be yourself

Don’t be nervous, shy or insecure. Feel relax and be sure that she wants to be with you. Think that she’s a good friend of your sister if it helps you. Girls can feel that a man with Self-confidence is standing in front of them, so just be yourself.

Take care about the way you look like

You don’t need to be a Hollywood star, but pay attention to the way you look like: Clothes, hair, and smell. Smell is one of the most powerful tool you have, so use it . Girl’s want to feel that you care about yourself and to be proud of you. So you have to consider it when you going out with the woman you like.


Be relax and feel confidence. Don’t think that she’s the only girl on the planet, don’t worry about what will happened. Be free, as more as you’ll talk to girls you will be more confidence in yourself, and more natural. So don’t be afraid to flirt with her, in a good taste of course.

Get a life

Girls don’t like guys who have no life. Find things that you like to do and don’t get needy with the girl. Have your own goals, and your own way. Even if you like the girl don’t say “I love you” on the first two or three weeks, it would look strange. if you like to know more about this you can read this article   Men and relationships – Who says “I love you” first?

Be social

One of the parameters that woman are searching in a man is the ability to be social and friendly. Any woman would like to know that her man has cool friends and that she’s like them too. If woman see that other girls wants you, she will want you to… that the way it works.

Talk and listen

Talk to her about the things you like, share with her what bring you joy, but be sensitive and listen to her too. She’s not your psychological and you don’t want to find in the end of the date that you were the only one who talked. Be positive even if you had a bad day. You can find more info in this topic on “5 talking to girls tips“.

Give compliments

Women love compliments. Pay attention to new things she’s wearing, or to things that she’s changed, and say it to her. Woman likes to know that you notice her effort. Compliment her with a good taste, not too much of course. You can give her a compliment about her personality too and not just about her look.

Elegant Touch

If you want to touch the girl do it elegant. Hold her coat, offer your hand to help her if it’s necessary. Be sensitive to her and find the way to do it in the right time so it won’t feel awkward. Touch her gently and try to feel if she’s into it, she has to want it as same as you do, so pay attention if she comes close to you or if she’s flirting with you. The right time is when she’s feel comfortable with you. if she try to avoid or feeling uncomfortable than stop right away. You don’t have to hurry anywhere…

Create fun atmosphere

Be positive and tell funny stories if you feel like to. Try to find out what makes her laugh, which movies or comedians are her favorite. You can watch the movies you talked about in the next time you’ll meet.

Spend Quality time together

Ask the girl you met on adultfrienedfinder out. You can go see movie that she likes, go to a good restaurant you know. If there is special music she like you can go to a concert together. Just make sure that you both interested in that activity.

Well, I hope you can use this tips on how to make a girl to like you. Try them and you’ll know. I’ll be happy to hear how things going for you, so please leave a comment and tell me if some of this tips helped you in some way. Good luck!

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