Making kissing less awkward

Making kissing less awkward

Often kissing, especially early on, can be quite awkward and maybe even frustrating. The real key to kissing well is relaxation. Just relax your body, your lips and your tongue and just indulge in every moment of touching another person’s lips and tongue. The kiss has to be soft, yet not too soft. It has to be passionate enough that your partner knows you want to kiss, yet not so passionate that they might think you’re moving too fast (such as French kissing the first time you kiss them).

Just take your time, take it slow, make kisses brief at first and after kissing look into your partner’s eyes to make them more comfortable and feel more comfort knowing that you like them kissing you.

Usually when you first want to kiss the person you met on adultfrinendfinder, and you’re not sure if that person wants to kiss, it’s better to test the waters by touching their hair, or brush their hair off in a non-intrusive manner and see how they react. If they react positively, try doing it again, while looking into their eyes. If they are enjoying it and looking into your eyes with “bedroom eyes”, then chances are they won’t mind kissing.

The most issues people face is whether to ask or not to ask? The thing is, you have to feel if they really want to kiss or not and just go for it. It can be tricky, but doing non-intrusive things such as brushing their hair off their face or sliding the back of your finger softly (barely touching) across her cheek (for guys) or being really close and looking into his eyes (for girls) can help build more comfort.

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