Are You The Jealous Type?

Are You The Jealous Type?

If you are prone to jealousy, you might speculate about what you think your partner is doing now and might do in the future. You need to realize that your feelings about your partner are the issue, not your partner.

When you are jealous, everything is a forgone conclusion for you. You are sure your importance in your partner’s eyes has been diminished. You are certain that you will lose her if you don’t put a stop to her “extracurricular” activities. Because of your fears and insecurities, losing her is the only future you can envision.

But this has nothing to do with reality. It has everything to do with being jealous.

Being jealous means that you try to manipulate your partner’s relationships with others. If you tell your partner how jealous you feel about her friendship with someone else, she may feel so bad about it that she will end the relationship to make you feel more secure and less jealous. The problem is that jealousy can become a never-ending response to every friendship your partner has. Eventually, she will feel suffocated by your demands and the very thing you fear will happen–she will leave you. In other words, jealousy creates its own self-fulfilling prophecies.


If the jealousy in your relationship is not severe but is still a problem, it can be modified. Here are some solutions:

If your lover acts jealous of your relationships, you must assure your partner that you love her and value her company and ideas and you stopped using adultfrienedfinder. Show her more affection. Leave her notes telling her that you love her. Surprise her with gifts. Giver your partner reason to trust you and show her that she is loved and is special.

If you are the jealous person, you crave assurances that you are loved and special. You also know that your jealousy intensifies if you feel you are being ignored or discounted. You need constant reassurance that you are loved, and when love is offered to you, you should allow yourself to feel loved.

The best way to handle jealousy is to confront it honestly and see it as something that needs to be managed and changed. You and your partner can and should discuss the specific wounds you both received from rejection, abandonment, and other painful events that may be part of your personal histories. Working on jealousy honestly and lovingly is a difficult process, but it can bring two people closer together than they were before.

The most intense form of jealousy develops when your partner is extremely dependent on you, emotionally and socially. If your partner develops and values her independence, and she is not totally reliant on you for her emotional and social nourishment, the less jealous she will be. Being irresistibly attractive to women requires you to be romantically intelligent. That means taking pride in your partner’s independence, her ability to have her own circle of friends, interests, and projects. Increasing self-reliance decreases jealousy considerably and causes it to lose its bite.

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