Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships are difficult– but they can work! Whether it’s only a few hours drive or a plane ride away, you can still have a supportive, loving relationship with the potential for growth and bonding. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the periods of separation.

Communication is Key

The stability of long distance relationships is often determined by how well you communicate. Talking with your partner every day can provide reassurance in a relationship that is often unpredictable due to schedule and time zone differences. The anticipation of talking to each other, sharing high points (or low points), or even just hearing each other’s voices can offer an emotional connection that keeps the fire going. Express your feelings honestly and you’re sure to keep your long distance relationship healthy.

Dating Other People

It’s important to discuss how you’ll deal at adultfrinendfinder with your times apart. Sacrifices may need to be made by both partners. The most sensitive issue is whether you will date other people. Depending on how deeply involved you are with each other, this can be the potential deal breaker.

Pay Attention to Your Partner

Listening is a skill that is imperative in long distance relationships. Each person should feel that they are being heard and understood. If you partner feels like you’re not listening– they might just go out and find someone who will. A deaf ear can quickly be the downfall of any long distance relationship.

Take Advantage of Technology

Before the Internet, communication was limited to letters and telephone calls. With today’s technology, you can connect at any time– multiple time a day. Send an e-mail or text message with a simple “I love you!” Spend a few minutes finding the perfect e-card to communicate how you’re feeling. Don’t replace a traditional love letter or greeting card for the ease of the Internet–supplement them. Nothing shows you care more than a handwritten note or card expressing heartfelt emotions.

Providing Reassurance

Long distance relationships can strain emotions and you may find that you (or your partner) need reassurance more often than in a traditional relationship. Although trust in essential, try to be a little more understanding about your partners insecurities and provide the reassurance they need when they’re feeling weak or especially depressed or lonely.

Although every relationship develops at it’s own pace, long distance relationships are typically more difficult and often end quicker due to the intense feelings that separation can cause. Trust your common sense and realize that a long distance relationship will require a different focus but could end up being the lifelong, honest relationship you’ve been looking for. 

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