How to Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Feel Jealous

How to Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Feel Jealous

Many relationships end up owing to the difference in view over matters, your boyfriend’s flirting habits and maybe because of your different natures. Once you breakup, you have to actually ask yourself questions like if you want your boyfriend back, or if you want to make him feel bad for what he has done.

If you feel that your relationship was actually a positive one with common ideals and goals and that you know deep down that you have to make an honest attempt at getting together, then your immediate step should be to refer “The Magic Of Making Up”. No matter what lead to the break up, you are sure to find your way back together, as many others have done, with the help of this book

However if you know that this relationship would never turn well, and that you only see fights and differences between you two, then you may as well work at making him jealous whenever possible.

The best way for you to make your boyfriend jealous is to make him see you with another guy. In fact, in many cases, this is sufficient to make your ex-boyfriend get on his knees too. Another way of making your ex-boyfriend jealous of you is to use adultfrienedfinder app ios to make him feel like he never should have left you in the first place. It is very important that you look as happy as possible with your friends. Make it obvious to your ex-boyfriend that you have completely forgotten your ex and that you don’t need his company.

If and when your ex-boyfriend makes attempts at striking a conversation with you, make your answers typical but friendly. The replies should be as formal and non-committal as possible. Avoid engaging in lengthy conversation with your ex-boyfriend; but try to show that you are a girl who doesn’t actually hold any grudges against anyone.

Having guy friends will make your ex-boyfriend really jealous. So make it a point to purposely walk past your ex while chatting with your other guy friends. Also make it a point to treat all your guy friends affectionately in front of your ex-boyfriend. And if you happen to make a new boyfriend, you could call him and talk to him in front of your ex-boyfriend or when your ex is within earshot. This is sure to make him really jealous.

If you don’t actually have any new boyfriend as yet, even subtle flirting with a guy you know will make your ex-boyfriend jealous. It is not necessary that you have to be crazy about this guy but it should be a person you will not be ashamed of actually liking in a bid to make your ex-boyfriend jealous. However don’t make this too obvious as it will look artificial. Just focus all your attention on the guy when talking and keep on looking this guy in the eyes. Try to appear as relaxed and friendly with this guy when you try to make your ex-boyfriend jealous.

On the overall, just look and feel good so that your ex-boyfriend repents giving you up. Talk with everyone, have a good time and keep laughing and keep minimum eye contact with your ex-boyfriend to really burn him and make him jealous.

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