Aren’t you tired of fighting all the time?

Aren’t you tired of fighting all the time?

You are not guilty of your fights and neither does he, so who is?

The snake that gets between you – in real life between your love and his love stands the personal ego of each one of you. If you wont pay attention, that ego would take a hold of your relationship. In order to keep your relations on the right path you must be aware of that snake and prevent it from extinguishing your love and breaking up your relationship. If you’ll work daily to try and over come the growing personal interests and demands that this snake brings into your life you can help your love prevail.

Why did I get married?

If a man and a woman love each other there isn’t any meaning for conducting a ceremony that will prove it or just living together and bringing kids without the ceremony. If so what is the purpose of the wedding? In getting married we actually admit the facts of life – understanding that the future years would bring with

them hard situations, huge challenges for our love. We might wake up one day and feel nothing, asking ourselves why did we get married? The essence of the ceremony, of the obligation we took upon ourselves would remind us how we felt for each other in the past. This reminder would compel us to do whatever is in our strength to do in order to revive that love.

Why love ends?

In the beginning there was a happy couple, deeply in love, 2 true soul mates. Until gradually as seen in these adultfrienedfinder app reviews the feeling and passion died out and suddenly we see the other as more egocentric, looking out for his interests and pays little to no attention to our feelings. Actually our spouse only acts as a mirror for our own demands which grow and grow constantly. If we could only take a glimpse inwards, we would find out that we are looking for the same thing – maximizing our pleasure in the relationship and minimizing the effort we put into it. The only way to revive the love is just to revive it.

We must understand that if both us and our partners wont invest the mutual time and effort that will rebuild our relationship then our growing ego would just bury it. Making us loose any feeling to the other and breaking up or just living without love for the rest of our lives.

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