Assuming Attraction

Assuming Attraction

Confident men realize their value and feel it inside that people are attracted to them. This of course is not an easy thing to realize if you don’t have that inner confidence. However this is a point to “fake it till you make it”. Realize if you are an even remotely attractive guy and can actively present who you are genuinely you will be creating attraction. However, you have to know that attraction is already there and they just haven’t discovered it.

You are a confident, unapologetic man, and that is attractive. Everyone you talk to with that mindset is going to be attracted to you in one way or another. So you learn to expect that and assume that people are going to be attracted to you. This in fact is a hell of a lot easier than trying to earn their attraction. Hell let’s get this straight. If you assume she is attracted to you and wants to go to bed with you what type of agenda do you have to have? None. How easy is that. If she doesn’t go to bed with you then it is obviously because of logistics or other reasons because it sure as hell not you! Do you see how easy the game becomes if you just assume this? No running attraction game, no trying to make her see you as a high value man and proving you are to her, no TRYING to do anything with her. All that is left is to get to know her to see if she is someone YOU want to sleep with, go on a date with, or kiss.

So it is your choice. Learn lots of techniques to earn her attraction, appear confident, trick her into believing you are qualifying her, or take on the mindset that allows all of that to be second nature. Is it easy to know in your heart you are attractive to everyone you meet and they want to be around you?

No it is not, but imagine how much better your life will be if you can personify confidence. It is only your insecurity that makes you work so hard at tricks and techniques that make you APPEAR confident. Take the first steps to being confident and start assuming attraction on adultfrinendfinder. I guarantee at some point if you are being genuine with a woman she will start being attracted to you. In other words when you show who you really are genuinely she will be attracted to you. Embrace this fact and apply it generously. When you are you, everyone will be attracted to you. In other words you can just assume she is attracted to you and stop worrying about getting her to be attracted to you. It is much easier to do this and then spend your time getting to know if you are attracted to her or not for anything besides her looks.

If you can’t do this, take some time off pickup and go develop things in your life you are confident about and enjoy. “You have to be willing to fuck yourself before anyone else will!”

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