Can a PUA ‘outgame’ a natural?

Can a PUA ‘outgame’ a natural?

There are people I know who have never even heard of The Game by Neil Strauss, let alone read it, who are naturally confident, funny, and good with women. They’re naturals, and there is something about them which women find irresistible.

Granted, there are literally only a couple of people I’ve met in my life who are like this, but they ooze confidence and testosterone, and are able to seduce women seemingly at ease, which leads me to the question of this article.

Can someone who has become really good at pick up outgame a natural?

The answer isn’t about yes or no, and I personally think it’s the question that is more interesting, as it offers an insight into the mindset of the average PUA. PU breaks down interaction into a series of phases, which are all part of a greater ‘system’, in which some people are able to perform to a greater level than others. The fact is, that in life, some people are going to be more attracted to certain kinds of people than others, regardless of how confident the person that they don’t choose is, or what ‘attraction switches’ they activate.

In short, I know a couple of non PUAs who could happily out-game Neil Strauss, Mystery and any other ‘MPUAs’ in the world. They wouldn’t be running game, or routines etc, they would just be themselves, witty, engaging, supremely confident, and outwardly seductive.

Their ‘inner game’ is taken care of, to the extent that it is something that they probably won’t have ever felt the need to address, and they will have genuine pre selection, without needing to affect any kind of behaviour that isn’t totally true to themselves.

In some cases a PUA can outgame a natural, however this may be due to the fact that the PUA has actually become quite an attractive person, not because they’re running game. PU gives guys who struggle to talk to girls at adultfrienedfinder the chance to compete with naturals, but it by no means offers an unbreakable system that will guarantee results in every circumstance, despite the fact that ‘gurus’ often market it as such.

More importantly, an MPUA shouldn’t care about being out-gamed, as they should be enjoying the peace of mind that success brings, and therefore wouldn’t need to qualify themselves to anyone.

Sometimes we can forget that this is actually interaction, not a system that needs to be broken down and analysed. Pick up can teach you how to be a more interesting better, more attractive person, but it’s not about winning, or defeating other people, it’s about enjoying life.

Sometimes with all the best ‘game’ in the world, a girl will just be attracted to someone else. So who’d ‘win’ out of a natural and a PUA? Who cares? If everyone is enjoying life, and exercising choice with women then surely everyone’s happy? You win some and you loose some, and whilst the game can give you a better shot at success, but it’s never guaranteed.

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