Being a Challenge

Being a Challenge

Seduction experts believe that being a challenge is important when seducing women. A lot of this is due to psychology – people want what they can’t have. For example, think about the girl that had a crush on you but then starts going out with a different guy. Let me guess: all of a sudden you find yourself lusting for her. When you don’t easily give in to a person who has feelings for you, often they will want you more and work harder to get you. If you agree with this, there are ways you can use this to your advantage.

The Push/Pull Method – The push part of the method is when you force someone away from you and don’t show affection. The pull part of the method is when you pull someone on adultfriendrfinder towards you by showing affection and interest. Using these together allows you to remain a challenge and increase the levels of sexual tension between you and your woman of interest.

Don’t Give In – Many girls will test men by asking them to do various favors or other things for example use best thrusting vibrator. Most men who like a woman will immediately fall into step and fulfill their every command. Those men fail the test. Women want men to be the dominant alpha-males and usually a submissive man is a turn-off. Because of that, the proper way to handle these tests is by being keeping your independence.

Show Interest in Others – Another way to remain a challenge is by showing interest in other girls. By creating a little bit of jealousy, the woman will work even harder to get you. Additionally, by flirting with girls, women will know you are not the man that turns into a possessive controlling whimp in a relationship.

These tactics apply to general human psychology and work for both men and women. Because of that, a good way to find out what works is by analyzing your own feelings. Who do you feel attracted to and why? What makes you work hard for the person you like and lust for them even more? Figure it out and apply it for your own uses.

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