How To Stay Out Of The “Friend Zone” With Women

How To Stay Out Of The “Friend Zone” With Women

Ok, this topic is a biggie…

One of the biggest problems that guys face when it comes to getting a girlfriend is that the girl that they’re dating puts them in the “Friend” category, instead of the “Boyfriend” category which is where they want to be.

I mean think about it… I’m sure you’ve had this experience, where you LIKE the girl, you’ve known the girl for a while now, you’ve had dreams about her, you’ve thought about what a great couple you’d make… and so one day you decide to bite the bullet and tell her how you feel.

In response, she suddenly gives you any of the following:

  • “Umm… I don’t really want a relationship right now, can we just be friends?”
  • “You’re a really nice guy but you’re just not my type… I’m so sorry, but we can still be friends”
  • “Oh my god… I didn’t know you had feelings for me, I always thought you were a great friend”
  • “Thats so sweet, but we have such a great friendship and I don’t want to ruin it”

Within the seduction community, we call this “Lets Just Be Friends” or LJBF for short.

In order to improve your skills with women on adultfrienedfinder, you MUST learn to stay out of this dreaded “Friend Zone” with women… because once she’s placed you in the “friend” category, it will be very difficult to get her as a girlfriend.   So how do we make sure that we stay out of the “Friend Zone”?

The method to staying out of the “Friend Zone” starts from the moment you meet the girl, where from early on, you must show your SEXUAL interest in her… yup thats right, you must learn to “hit” on her.

One of the biggest complaints that women have is that men don’t tell them what they want. Most men are too busy wondering if a girl “likes” them instead of plucking up the courage to simply say “I think you’re sexy”.

You must understand that girls WANT sexual pleasure and so you must show them that you can provide it… and let her know that you’re there to be more than just her “buddy”. In order to show your sexual interest in a girl, it involves the following:

Sexualizing The Conversation

Sexualizing the conversation is all about bringing in sexual or relationship elements into the conversation without necessarily being overtly explicit or sleezy. At the end of the day, all you’re doing is showing your interest in the girl… and when she shows interest back, it’s called flirting.

The best way to sexualize the conversation is to add sexual elements along with humor at the same time. By joking around pumping vibrator, you’re keeping the conversation fun and exciting while getting her sexually attracted to you.

Take any of the following humorous & non-humorous lines:

  • Hey you’re really cute
  • Well, I think you’re pretty sexy
  • Hey I like your sexy shirt
  • Look, I know you can’t resist me… I’m charming… I can’t help it
  • Did you know if you kiss me you’ll remain young forever?
  • You’re German? No way! You Germans are just sex mad, you’re out on the prowl tonight aren’t you? I’m serious, you guys go out with your flashlight looking for guys.
  • You know what, you’re cute, you get to be my girlfriend for the next 5 minutes.

Does this mean that everything that comes out of your mouth must be sexual or showing interest in the girl? NO! Simply saying a few lines of sexual dialogue and showing interest will place your INTENTIONS clearly in her mind.

At the end of the day, what you’re ultimately doing is you’re FILTERING out the girls that don’t want to have sex with you… because you seriously don’t want to be chasing girls that have no sexual interest in you in the first place!

How much sexualized dialogue to use when you’re communicating with women will totally depend upon your personality… you will have to find your own balance of using sexual & non-sexual lines of dialogue.

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