YOU Have The Power On A Date

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YOU Have The Power On A Date

In this article I will show you another tip on how to be a man:

Stay in control while youre on a date with a woman.

I’m serious. Next time you ask a girl out, have the date and time READY.

Don’t ask her when she is free and fit your schedule around hers, etc. You’re just as busy as she is. Be a man.

Give her a time, day, and location. See if she can make it.

During the date, remain in control. Yes, have all the fun you want, but TAKE THE LEAD. You can mix in a bit of chivalry here. Open doors for them. Pull out their chairs to show where they should be sitting.

Hold her hand and lead her.

Trust me, women love it when a man is constantly watching over and taking care of them. Give the girl a GREAT time, but in a manly way.

Should You Let A Woman Pay

I am often asked, “Marius…do you usually pay on a first date?”

Honestly, I don’t mind paying, but I don’t go out of the way to pay either. If a woman pulls out her wallet at the same time, I am not going to stop her from paying half.

Remember: You want to remain a challenge. Paying will NOT increase a woman’s attraction for you. She may think, “He’s a nice guy”, but she’s not going to think, “Oh! He bought me dinner! I should sleep with him right now!”

In fact, she will probably think, “Oh crap. He just bought me an expensive dinner.
What does he expect in return?
Oh crap. I don’t want to have to repay him in the backseat of his car…”

Do you see how buying a woman expensive things can actually CREATE resistance now?

Women DON’T want to feel like whores. Even if a woman you met on adultfrinendfinder is highly sexual, she doesn’t want you to feel like she’s only having sex with you because you bought her dinner!

Instead of trying to impress your date with your money, focus on raising the SEXUAL TENSION instead!

Remember: At the end of the day, attraction cuts through EVERYTHING – even money.

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