Being Positive

Being Positive

Being positive is one of the most important traits for making friends and being sociable. Everyone knows that one person who is always complaining, has a negative outlook on life, and is always putting themselves down – the “Debbie Downer” or “Sad Sally”. The truth is that hanging out or being around these people is depressing and a drain. People want to spend time with uplifting people who bring out the best in those around them. This is how you can become one of those people.

Smile – I want you to test something for me. Next time you are talking to somebody new like a waitress or cashier, ask them how they are doing with a huge smile on your face. I guarantee you they will immediately smile back and cordially answer you. It is human nature to share happiness and by smiling you are just a beaming display of happiness and friendliness.

Laugh – Laughter is contagious and people love to laugh. Have you ever entered a situation where there are a group of people laughing very hard for example about using best thrusting vibrator? Odds are you started to instinctively chuckle and laugh yourself. If you are able to make yourself and others laugh, everyone will enjoy themselves and cherish the time they spend with you.

Give Compliments – While not to be overused, people on adultfriendrfinder feel good about themselves when they receive compliments. Whether it is a family member, long-time friend, or a person you don’t even know, try giving them an unoffending compliment and see how they react. Most likely they will be happily surprised since frankly, most people use compliments way too sparingly and don’t speak their praise. Making others feel good makes others want to be around you to enjoy that feeling.

Be Encouraging – Many friend in my life have told me that my ideas wouldn’t succeed or didn’t believe me when I dreamed big. Those are the friends I moved away from and the friends I kept are the ones who had faith in me and my ability to achieve great things. Quality people only surround themselves with people who encourage their dreams. Give back to those that believe in you and share your encouragement and belief in the power of others. People will love and respect you for it.

In essence, follow these tips and work on being positive as often as possible. Not only is this mindset crucial for socializing, but I believe it is crucial for happiness in general.

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