Tips for Flirting with Women at Bars

Tips for Flirting with Women at Bars

I hope your dating is going well and that you are learning something. Bars are places that are traditionally considered the place to go when meeting people. Perhaps its the atmosphere, or perhaps its the alcohol! Either way, its useful to have some clues when meeting women in bars.

Tips for Flirting with Women at Bars

When you go out on the town looking for women instead online on adultfrienedfinder, there are a few things that you should definitely think about. Here are some basic tips for flirtation and seduction, particularly geared to the needs of men.

Keep yourself neat and clean.

It seems like your mother went over this a time or two, but the simple fact is, many guys just don’t remember their basic grooming habits when going out to meet women. Stay clean and groomed, and make sure that your breath smells good – particularly because you may find yourself speaking very close to a girl in a noisy club.

Stay confident and positive.

It’s easy to say that you should just be confident, but there’s another element to personality as well. Women like confidence, but they also enjoy being around someone who smiles, is happy, and has a sense of humor. Don’t take all the advice to “be confident” at face value. Confidence without a little good nature to temper it will have women thinking you’re cocky.

Don’t try to get girls drunk.

Alcohol makes women more receptive to suggestion, but it also switches on a certain “automatic rejection” circuit in many women. This is simply the internal knowledge that she is too drunk to make good decisions, and will reject you out of a sense of personal preservation. And if a girl who is too drunk is there with friends, the friends will almost certainly run interference and take her home before you can take advantage of the inebriated state. With all this in mind, a drink or two is fine, but trying to get a girl drunk is really counter productive.

Pick one girl per group.

If there is a group of girls, you’re going to have to pick one, not sample all of them. The fact is, no one wants to feel like they’re being flirted with just because their friend rejected you. It just won’t yield any positive response at all. Don’t try to “make the rounds” of a group of girls, as it will really just be a waste of your time. Pick one in the group, but not necessarily the most attractive – you may find you have far better luck with one of the lesser girls.

Be generous but honest with your compliments.

If you’re laying down pickup lines, girls will know. If they are regulars to the club, they’ve surely heard them all before. It’s embarrassing for you to use cheesy lines and boring for them. A good example of this is a trap that girls often set for the unsuspecting Casanova. Here it is: you tell her what beautiful eyes she has. She immediately closes them and asks you what color they are. If you were just blowing hot air, you won’t know, and then you’re busted. Time to move on. It’s best to give genuine compliments based on things you actually find attractive about the person.

Be yourself. Simple.

It’s really difficult to keep up an act, and usually a girl will be able to tell. If you just act like yourself, the girl will trust you more and you will find maintaining conversation (and flirtation) a whole lot easier.

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