Blind Dates: Why Men Should Never Go on Them

Blind Dates: Why Men Should Never Go on Them

Any many who has the pleasure of being single for an extend period of time, has inevitably had a friend, co-worker, or family member tell them they know the perfect woman for you. At which time they either give you her phone number or set you up on a “blind date.”

Now any man if he knows what is best will not call or go on a date with any woman with whom he has never even seen or talked to.

Just in case (I know you are out there) there are any men who don’t understand why they shouldn’t go on a blind date below is a list of reasons in no particular order.

Average to Hot Women have no problems getting dates unless… something is wrong; she has kids, some kind of personality disorder, or an ex that likes to create new ex’s.

She is fat, ugly or a combination of the two… I know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, yet realize that a blind date means that you are going to have to spend some time with her and if she is will that really be how you want to spend it.

She is Hot or the Woman of Your Dreams… Yeah right, however, just for a moment lets pretend that she is, now realize that your inner game is so weak that you are going on a blind date that if she is truly hot or sexually attractive as she said ona adultfrienedfinder app you are going to inevitably screw it up with your self doubt and negative self talk.

If you really want to meet this “unknown blind date” tell the person who thought of it to throw a BBQ or Wine Party. That way it allows you to be the man and naturally select the woman or if she isn’t your type at least you don’t have to cut the night short and potentially hurt her feelings.

If on the other hand you know that self doubt and negative self talk is the real reason why you are single. Get that part of your life taken care of with a dating coach, seminar, or both.

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